Cryptojackers Penetrate Google Play Once More

Sep 26, 2018 at 13:27 // News

Cryptojacking is a very profitable business, although several cryptocurrencies have passed through to rough time recently.

As revealed in a report from SophosLab's Pankaj Kohli, Google Play is spreading malevolent applications posing as games, educational instruments or system utilities

Cryptojacking is a very profitable business for two serious investment gains, although several cryptocurrencies have passed through to rough time recently.

Secretly Mining for Crypto

It is not the same that you are trying to do with your mobile device.

Pankaj details in his full
reports how he discovered that over 25 Apps with over 120,000 installs distributed via the
Google Play Store have been covertly mining for cryptocurrency coins using stolen processing power.

These Apps all apply CPU throttling to ensure that the gadgets are used for mining do not overheat, to smart move if you are an attacker that needs to avoid detection after compromising a target device.

Android applications are executing mine code hosted on, there are various Apps that use their own private services for hosting.

New Crypto Mining Apps

Apps for being blocked by firewalls.

Further, although the majority of these Apps have already been uprooted by Google, there is some Apps such as LightOn that is still available in the Play Store and which has over 500 installs.

Moreover, although the majority of the cryptojacking Apps identified by Pankaj in the Google Play market mine for Monero, there are exceptions, with "A Paintbox for Kids" by Uwe example.

Pankaj's report also reveals that Google has been apprised about the availability of these new digital currency mining Apps in the Android App Store last month, but it appears that the mountain is firmly delving into each of them.

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