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Cryptographic trading bot based on Blockchain for Bitcoin profits?


What is Netcentric?

To discover netcentric, a totally decentralized, socialized, encrypted and quantitative trading platform. The NetCentric Social Trading Platform (NSTP) is a marketplace where users can hire third-party trading robots and buy trading signals. In addition, the platform allows robot manufacturers to list their products at the prices of their choice so that users can check the historical performance of each bot and the level of volatility. In the end, they will be able to choose the best robot for their investment portfolio.

The trading signals of the account can be generated by one or more multiple robots and manual operations. With the platform's social trading mechanism, users can take advantage of trading and trading signals.

Netcentric Challenges to be addressed

netcentric believes that encryption takes a long time, as people lose sleep by monitoring the price movement of all their currencies. They must also understand the technical indicators and try to choose the best buying and selling opportunities on the market.

There is also the problem of the high barrier to entry. Quantitative trading requires users to have experience in both programming and financial markets. Moreover, it happens that large institutions often control the best trading and hardware technologies in the capital market.

How the Blockchain-based Netcentric encryption bot works

Using the NetCentric platform is simple: just one click and the robot takes care of everything. Users will be able to design their own bot and create a robot trader that works for them. They can customize their trading strategies in their trading robots. In addition, using indicators such as MA, MACD, RSL, news and trading signals, the crypto-bot will use every opportunity on the market.

Spontaneous trading through signal adoption

Users will enjoy life and seize the opportunity. The encryption bot automatically tries to buy when the market is oversold and sells when the market is overbought. Users can also follow other trading robots on the market that best match their trading style.

Non-stop trading

The platform allows users to earn cryptocurrency like a boss. This is possible by setting subscription fees for trading robots including trading forms and signals. All transactions on the platform use an intelligent contract that makes them transparent and reliable.

Netcentric Robot Factory

NetCentric trading robots are designed to work with "one click". With the robotic commercial infrastructure, even a ten-year-old can generate a commercial robot and bring creative trading ideas into reality.

Benefits Netcentric

The NetCentric platform improves the transparency and efficiency of asset management. This is possible through decentralization and simplification of negotiation and investment processes. It allows everyone to develop a free basic bot and develop modules to update their bot. In the end, bot developers can hire their own trading robots, signals and self-developed trading robot modules to earn cryptocurrency as a token for the services they provide.

Netcentric Trading Modules

The platform has the following trading modules:

  • Quantitative strategy
  • Report generation
  • Cryptocurrency filler
  • Position control
  • Decision making
  • Execution of the order
  • Cross-exchange data resource
  • Back test

The value of the trading signal data

There is a huge market in the financial information sector for non-professionals. Almost 54% percent of Americans have a personal financial exposure to equities. In China, the number is less than about 30%. NetCentric believes that early social trading signals data will support the development of AI trading.

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