Cryptocurrency trading update: Iota and Icon Moving Monday Markets

Altcoins is raising markets this morning, Icon, Iota, VeChain rising, while Lisk is losing.

Monday morning saw little action in the earth crypt, however there were some small upward movements by some altcoins. Total market capitalization remained above $ 215 billion and today has increased slightly as a result of some burst encryptions.

The bitcoin is still fluctuating just above $ 6,700 and has gained 1.3% on the day traded at $ 6,730. Technical indicators suggest that BTC could emerge from a growing wedge in which it is currently consolidating. Ethereum also has not moved much, but there have been no further losses and is currently up 2% to $ 280.

Altcoins are mostly in the green according to Coinmarketcap, however Iota is back in the top ten with a 18% increase to $ 0.622. The rumors about Reddit say that Volkswagen has used the Iota Foundation to work on a blockchain-based CarPass system that will be launched at the beginning of 2019. Iota is still very low compared to previous levels of this year and must be close to the $ 2 level to show any signs of recovery. EOS has increased by 5% and Cardano 4% which constitutes the other two main currencies in the top ten, the rest shows gains of 2-3%.

The most solid performances can be seen from altcoin in the first twenty when VeChain is carrying the package with a jump of 11% to $ 0.016. Tron, Neo and Binance Coin are all beautiful and are gaining over 6% at the moment. Further down the Ontology, Nano and Zilliqa list are going up 10-12% on the day, but Lisk is actually a little bit behind

. Icon is the spearhead of the moment with an increase of 26% to $ 0.908. With the team repurchasing $ 5 million of its tokens and growing partnership with South Korea's largest insurance company ICX has earned 36% on the week, but still has a long way to go, as it is still falling by almost 30% over the month. Trading volume has tripled in the last 24 hours to $ 80 million and Binance has more than 60%.

In the top hundred other Altcoins trying to chase Icon are Wanchain and Loom Network, both growing over 20% of the day. There are always a couple of losers today and those include Qash and Bitcoin Private which fall by a couple percent.

The total capitalization of the crypto market has moved another 2.5% in the last 24 hours to $ 218 billion, the highest level for five days. Markets are still declining during this period last month, although market capitalization was closer to $ 300 billion and things seem to be flat for now.

More about Icon can be found here: https: //www.icon. foundation /

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