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Cryptocurrency – the ultimate weapon of mass destruction

Forde, based in California, believes cryptocurrencies have the potential to remodel the business landscape completely as the Internet did 20 years ago. This is the true value of Crypto: not if a currency is worth £ 100 or £ 1,000.

Forde's path to become one of the protagonists of the cryptocurrency revolution passes through September 11, Nicaragua and the White House. While in high school he founded an IT infrastructure company, which he had planned to build full-time after graduation. However, when September 11 hit his last year of college, he forced a rethink and decided to join the US Peace Corps, who sent him to Nicaragua to teach entrepreneurial skills.

When his time with the Peace Corps ended, he remained in Nicaragua to found a telephone company to reduce the cost of phone calls. Forde says that experience has shown him that technology can lift communities and families.

Using his experience in Nicaragua, he wanted to make sure that the start-ups who tried to make the difference for ordinary workers in the United States were successful. Hired by the White House as Senior Technology Adviser, he worked with technology companies and Senior Advisors and Cabinet Secretaries of President Obama to leverage emerging technologies to improve the lives of all Americans, wrote the White House memorandum on bitcoins and also taught to President Obama technology. After three and a half years at the White House, he started the cryptocurrency research group at MIT Media Lab and taught MIT's Sloan School Management students how the blockchain will destroy existing business models.

Forde is returning to LBS next year to offer a masterclass on what it sees as the next business revolution: Blockchain Strategy: how to use Cryptocurrency to reinvent your business model. In addition to exploring what the blockchain is and how cryptocurrencies work, the master class will show where we are today with these technologies, the implications for current business models and opportunities for organizations. The program is aimed at business leaders, who want to understand how to take advantage of opportunities and reinvent business models.

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