Cryptocurrency prices Today, November 8: the cryptocurrencies are back in the red zone?


Ethereum is known in the cryptic world as a cryptocurrency n. 2 which has always been preceded only by Almighty Bitcoin. However, this has not been the case in the last two months due to a steady decline in the exchange rate of Ethereum.

Previously, Ethereum was beaten by the money created at Ripple Labs – XRP, but was able to regain its position. Do you remember:

Ethereum managed to recover his second place from XRP

It happened again. An XRP fan has published a tweet about Ripple's new win.

Also the price of the XRP coin has skyrocketed, as can be seen from its CoinMarketCap chart.

What could the currency increase so much?

According to the materials published by Finance magnates, the most likely reason for such a jump was a popular voice on cooperation between the two major cryptographic payment platforms: Swift and Ripple.

This entry appeared some time ago, and has been actively endorsed by Ripple fans on Twitter.

However, the official representative of Swift refuted this rumor and said that the upcoming update of the platform has nothing to do with Ripple.

Furthermore, no decent evidence, except for rumors and insinuations, was found with regard to possible cooperation.

In the meantime, the whole situation has positively influenced Ripple's positions in the global rating, so it does not even matter now whether they will collaborate with Swift or not.

Do you remember:

Ripple announced the launch of xRapid Technology

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