Cryptocurrency prices for August 31: Cryptocurrency does not move, what to expect?


According to the research conducted by CryptoSlate, the number one digital currency in the world has a greater volume of transactions than the PayPal e-commerce payment system.

A cryptographic analytics specialist Yassine Elmandjra [19659002] published a chart on her Twitter that contained transaction values ​​for financial giants such as PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, etc.

With a shocking 1.3 trillion dollars of annual transaction value, Bitcoin easily surpassed PayPal (perhaps, that's why [19659002] The former CEO of PayPal does not love her so much ) and now she's coming for Visa.

Although it is still early to assume that Bitcoin will soon surpass Visa, since the value of the annual credit card transaction was around $ 9 trillion 2 years ago, we can of course notice a positive trend for BTC.

According to CryptoSlate experts, if Bitcoin continues to increase at a similar or faster pace, it will make Visa move by 2022.

Although Elmandjra provided all the sources in his chart, c & # 39 they were still people who were not in agreement with him. Some believe that many transactions on Bitcoin are conducted by scammers and speculators who make them illegitimate.

However, no one can argue that Bitcoin is rapidly establishing itself on the global financial market and has already become a decent competitor for conventional payment systems.

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