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Cryptocurrency predictions: Verge, Ethereum and Bitcoin expect to be the best

INTERNATIONAL – Verge, Ethereum and Bitcoin should be the most successful cryptocurrencies in November, putting an end to two months of fluctuating limited prices in the market.

The personal finance comparison experts The latest monthly survey Cryptomurral Predictions Survey of site finder.com predicts that Verge is leading, with a 76% increase by December 1, 2018. Ethereum and Bitcoin will follow, respectively at 32% and 29%.

However, it is not good news for every coin, since Tron should see a fall in the next month. Although experts predict a brilliant 2019 for the currency – growth of 80% – they believe that its value will fall by 10% in November.

Looking at 2019, XRP, Ethereum and EOS are the coins that are expected to see the largest price increase. It is expected that XRP will record the highest growth at 327%, followed closely by Ethereum at 211% and EOS at 189%. While the panelists believe that EOS will only see a slight increase in the following month with a 13% increase, they are confident that it will increase at a faster pace in 2019.

Bitcoin will also grow steadily over the next year, with an expected average value of $ 16,732 by the end of 2019. This would mean that the currency is nearing the levels reached by the currency at its peak in January 2018.

Panel members suggest that while bitcoin seems to have stabilized recently, it is difficult to predict its value with great certainty due to the announcement of the exchange of the Exchange Traded Fund and BAKKT cryptocurrency on the road before 1 December 2018.

The only currency that experts believe will reduce its value during 2019 is Bytecoin. They expect a short 3% increase this month, but an overall 5% decline next year.

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