Cryptocurrency Evaluations: Ethereum and EOS (B), Steem, Neo and Cardano (B-), Bitcoin, Dash and Litecoin (C +), Monero and Ripple (C), Bitcoin Cash (C-) / Digital Currency Rating


Weiss's valuations have just published the first votes in digital currency issued by any rating agency in the world. Founded in 1971, Weiss Ratings is one of the leading credit rating agencies in the United States.

Originally published in January 2018

Bitcoin in C + rankings in Weiss Ratings First Ever Currency Currency Ratings

The Weiss classifications rate 55,000 traditional institutions and investments and have announced the intention to evaluate various digital currencies at the beginning of January 2018. From the announcement, investors have eagerly awaited the valuations of various digital currencies .

Now, at first, the site evaluations of 74 digital currencies have been made available in a recently released document. Weiss Criptovaluta's ratings make use of a letter grade, with "A" being "excellent" and "E" meaning "very weak".

Above all, Bitcoin, the world's first and most popular digital currency, got a vote in letters & # 39; C + & # 39;, indicating that it's a "right" investment.


These evaluations are based on a set of four criteria: the risk index, the performance index, the technology index and the index of fundamentals.

The risk index analyzes the potential risk and the negative side of the digital currency. Similar to any stock or obligation, consider the level of risk taken by investors.

The Reward index, on the other hand, considers the potential for growth and opportunities within the digital currency. This means that the odds that the price will rise, stabilize and otherwise provide a return for investors.

The technology index examines the technology behind every digital currency. It analyzes the framework that uses digital currency and identifies whether it believes the technology is "future-proof". The focus on technology is not unique to digital currencies, but it is particularly necessary as digital currencies are totally dependent on their technology stack. This unique aspect has given way to the white papers released by the creators of digital currency.

On the business side, the fundamental index considers how each digital currency could be used in the real world. This is perhaps the most obvious criterion from a retail investor's perspective because it helps investors get an idea of ​​what the digital currency is good for.


The rating list includes other important currencies such as Ethereum, which has obtained the highest score of the publication of a B (which means "good") next to the EOS of the digital currency.

The big winners of the list include Steem, Neo and Cardano, which were the only currencies of the 74 classified to score a B-, followed by Ethereum and EOS.

Bitcoin is part of its C + rating of Dash and Litecoin. Monero and Ripple, on the other hand, each scored a C, while Bitcoin Cash earned a C-

"We have built a computer model that analyzes cryptocurrencies from many different angels and demonstrates a rational, rigorous and reasoned research that investors so desperately need in this space," said Dr. Martin Weiss, founder of Weiss Ratings.

"Many cryptocurrencies are murky, overestimated and vulnerable to abnormal arrests," he added. "The market desperately needs the clarity that only robust and impartial assessments can provide".

With the highly anticipated ratings now published, it is unclear what effect this publication will have on the market. What is clear, however, is that many enthusiasts may be surprised to see how their favorite currencies have scored in terms of risk, reward, technological potential and fundamental use.

Coinsquare, a cryptocurrency news portal that published the story, has confirmed via telephone with Weiss Ratings that the ratings have been released today. Weiss also clarified, going against the rumors, that their site has not been hacked. Weiss has also confirmed that it owns and their statement announcing that the evaluations are accurate.

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