Cryptocurrency calculator and Altcoin monitor?

  Count My Crypto Review: Cryptocurrency Calculator & Altcoin Monitor

Count My Crypto Review: Excellent Altcoin Calculator

Are you a bitcoin investor or have you invested in other cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin? Are you continually looking for new coins to invest and earn profits when they become more popular? If you answered yes to the previous questions, you might have encountered the problem of tracking the returns of each currency in your current portfolio. If you want to turn a beginner into a cryptography expert, you need to be updated on current prices so you can make quick calls on the sale or purchase, and that's where Count My Crypto comes in.

Count My Crypto Information

Count My Crypto is a complete altcoin and bitcoin calculator that allows users to stay informed about current prices of their crypto investments. The easy-to-use website can easily view all your crypto investments and keep track of their latest rates. Also, for added convenience, Count My Crypto is available as a Google Chrome extension. Hover over it to see how your altcoins behave against Bitcoins.

How It Works

The main rule for most people looking for investment opportunities is to look for low-risk, high-dividend and quality securities, such as indexed funds. However, in the incredibly volatile industry of cryptocurrencies, these rules do not apply because prices are known to rock radically each week. Thanks to Count My Crypto you can keep track of all these changes and adjust your investments accordingly. Passing the mouse on the Count My Crypto icon we will show you one of the three colors:

  • Green : It means that your percentage of altcoin is going up
  • Red : It means that the altcoins you are following are going down
  • Yellow : Means there was no change in those specific cryptocurrency prices

Who Is My Crypto For?

Here are some of the people who could benefit from the use of Count My Crypto:

  • A person who recently invested in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and wants to check out the latest prices along with the percentage of their participation. It's a simple website and a Chrome extension for any beginner.
  • Enthusiasts who have several cryptographic investments on more altcoins, ranging from Dash and Ethereum to Zozocoin and Pulse.
  • Experienced traders who have not only invested but are also actively selling or buying to maximize their profits. People who are active traders who wish to book profits and are not interested in holding cryptographic coins for the long term, unlike others.
  • Daily operators who need a convenient and user-friendly site like Count My Crypto not only to track bitcoin prices or altcoin values ​​but also to make informed decisions about when to buy or sell to stop losses or make profits.

There are numerous scenarios in which Count My Crypto will be useful, but the ones mentioned above are some of those. Regardless of the situation that applies to your current needs, this simple calculator altcoin will allow you to level up and improve your investment with your data in real time.


Count My Crypto is easy to navigate; select your preferred encryption and enter the amount to check current prices. You can track the total balance of your altcoin investments on any cryptocurrency.

From functionality to a simple user interface, Count My Crypto excels in what it offers: altcoin monitoring.

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