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Nowadays you hear a lot about the cryptocurrency craze today, right?

Either a friend, a family member, a doctor, a neighbor, a salesperson, a driver, a barman, a server or a passerby has probably told you how he is beating money with virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum or one of the lesser known 2000+ investable cryptocurrency.

But how much do you know about it?

The simple answer is "not much".

Today, we will go through the basics of cryptocurrencies in simple English.

There are no technical terms, sticks and stones on how today's cryptocurrencies work, how they are evaluated and what they are trying to achieve.

Let's roll the ball …

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Cryptocurrencies – A short

Cryptocurrencies - A short

Cryptocurrencies are one of the major innovations of the decade since they completely transformed the way the financial economy works all over the world.

Begun in the year 2009, the cryptocurrencies, has been in the spotlight of the news, since important revolutionary innovations have been observed within the encrypted domain itself.

The way cryptocurrencies use technologies is something that brings them with their maximum potential.

Cryptocurrencies and their work

Cryptocurrency is nothing but the digital form of another legal currency in the traditional financial market of the world.

The first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, which has been widely acclaimed for its decentralization and security.

However, the pillars of digital currencies are nothing but decentralization and consensus mechanisms.

These digital forms of currencies have been prominently initiated by Satoshi Nakamoto to eradicate the double expense problems that digital currencies persisted prior to the invention of Bitcoin as cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency and Distributed Ledger Technology

Cryptocurrency and Distributed Ledger Technology

Cryptocurrency works mainly on general ledger technology distributed along with various consent mechanisms.

DLT is nothing more than an approach to storing information, but not in the traditional format, however, information is stored in the form of records and a bunch of records from a single block.

These blocks of information are developed consistently and new blocks are added at regular intervals. Security is included through the register distributed in an ecosystem called blockchain, in which the entire chain of blocks is transparent to each participant in the network.

Therefore, offering security to the entire network as data tampering is something that can be easily recognized with this process.

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Cryptocurrency and consensus mechanisms

Cryptocurrency and consensus mechanisms

Together with the DLT, different consensus mechanisms are used and invented by researchers all over the world.

In any particular organization where a massive group of people work for a single goal, it is certain that there will be differences in opinion whenever it comes to making decisions about community development.

The consensus mechanism involves the incorporation of some of the best decisions taken by the majority. The first digital currency in the world, Bitcoin has incorporated the Proof of Work consent mechanism for the verification of transactions on the Bitcoin Blockchain.

The cryptographic principles

As the name suggests, criptovalute incorporates cryptographic principles and is one of the main ingredients for providing security to the entire network of blockchains.

In the exact manner, the entire information present on a specific block is exposed to a cryptographic hash function such as SHA 256 and results in the generation of a new hash which is then used by the second block to generate its own hashcode.

In this particular way, the chain of blocks is formed where transactions are completely secure from access from other sources, thanks to the time-stamping methodology of blockchain technology.

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Cryptocurrencies and their advantages

Cryptocurrencies and their advantages

The cryptocurrencies have been developed to cope with the inefficiencies and persistent delays in the traditional Fiat economy.

Cryptocurrencies create a globalized economy because there is no limit to a particular digital currency.

Thanks to this precise reason, all intermediate parties are exterminated by the framework of the transaction.

Therefore, since there is no third party involved in undertaking and validating the transaction, transaction fees are reduced significantly.

In turn, it translates into an increase in the widespread adoption of digital currencies worldwide.

Because cryptocurrencies and the whole process are of an online nature, they also reduce the use of paperwork that is wasted to incorporate security or any other associated compliance.

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Final thoughts

More or less, the cryptocurrencies were started to change the way the world viewed Fiat currencies.

The instability of the value in cryptocurrencies is exploited in a way usable by the general population through exchange.

However, financial regulators also did not spare the cryptosphere, as they forced their own provisions on budgetary commitments.

Before embarking on any interest in the cryptosphere, it is highly recommended to consult a financial expert in the field.

However, cryptocurrency portfolios are also made accessible to cryptocurrency users worldwide for securely storing cryptographic funds.

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