Crypto Trader of CNBC recommends selling Bitcoin for XRP, Plus Ethereum, Ripple, Tron, Litecoin, Monero, VeChain: Crypto News Flash


From a new position on Bitcoin and XRP, to the extraction of Ethereum for the mainstream, here are some of the stories that open up in the world of Crypto.

Bitcoin and XRP

The guest of Crypto Trader Ran NeuNer of the CNBC has moved from the question of why the existence of XRP seems to fully support the currency.

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In a new tweet, NeuNer says that the recent fork of Bitcoin Cash and the subsequent hash war are an example of why traders should choose to buy XRP.

Ran NeuNer on XRP – November 2018
Ran NeuNer on XRP – 5 months before


A new Ethereum mining platform designed for the mainstream is under development.

The new Coinmine company is backed by Coinbase Ventures and claims that its device will cost $ 800, using less energy than a PlayStation.


UC Berkeley is using funding from Ripple & # 39; s University Blockchain Research Initiative to "fund faculty and student research, activities and related events on the Berkeley campus, including engineering, law school, information school and other universities or programs" .

The funding will be used primarily to fuel blockchain search and distributed registries, cryptocurrency and digital payments, cryptography and the impact of the blockchain on the global economy.


New data from the Coin ATM Radar show that Litecoin is the second most popular currency on encrypted ATMs, after Bitcoin.

The numbers show that there are 2,329 ATMs that support Litecoin worldwide, with 3,959 ATMs operating and operating that support Bitcoin.


The latest DappReview numbers show that decentralized apps on the Tron network have more transaction volumes than Ethereum and EOS.

You can check out the most popular DApps and see their volumes here.


A researcher behind a fundamental feature of the cryptographic system of Monero has obtained a prestigious academic recognition.

As reported by The Next Web, cryptographer Joseph Liu became the Australian computer science researcher at the annual awards for the development of the Monero ringtone algorithm that obscures the identity of a user.


Arket, the in-house clothing brand of the H & M conglomerate of fashion and design, has confirmed that it is testing VeChain on beanies.

You can learn more about the test performed here.

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