Crypto rumors suggest the notion of TRON (TRX) and the possibility to negotiate the partnership with Alibaba


TRON And Alibaba The deal could soon become a reality

Much has happened on the TRON network (TRX) and the Recently closed coin burning is a spike in the number of coin projects from the start of the year. TRON has been on the trend recently in the media and its achievements could begin to bear fruit sooner than expected.

The media have always been useful to TRON and part of the growth in currencies has been linked to its strong online presence. Lately, word has spread that Alibaba's collaboration may be the next big thing for money.

Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, hinted at one of his posts on Twitter, it is possible that its founder reaches a partnership with the largest Chinese online shopping company known as Alibaba . The mere thought of this possibility has thrown the whole cryptic community into delirium The agreement, if really true and established, would see buyers on Alibaba pay for their orders with the crypt.

Sun really gave Bitcoin a run for his money with many of his latest innovations and partnerships. Of course, Alibaba has Airplay to which the Chinese are used to making payments, but if Tron were to add, the payment would certainly be faster.

TRON has what it takes to meet the giant online demand and its transactions are among the best on the market. With the increase in the usability of TRX, collaboration could mean three things; additional onboarding, value growth and price increase. However, the TRON community will have to wait and see how the expected business plays.

The introduction of the AliPay payment system has seen its market penetration increase. More and more merchants are using the platform to compete for the attention of the global economy. The platform offers a wide range of products that are accessible to the normal online buyer. Bringing TRON technology on board will result in faster and cheaper transactions that will result in a better user experience with significantly reduced transaction prices compared to the use of credit cards and escrow services.

Jack Ma and Justin Sun are close friends. Both graduated from a university as the best apprentice. Apart from this, most of the current workers of the Tron Foundation were former workers of Alibaba .

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