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The growth experienced in the online trading sector seems to improve the recognition that cryptocurrencies are obtaining all over the world. One of the main indicators of this is that the known and secure world Cryptocurrency, Verge (XVG), was complemented by a famous online retailer, Crypto Planet Worldwide.

The e-commerce digital currency shop which aims to bridge the gap between cryptography the owners and products in a refined manner have declared the update on its twitter page stating that it is happy to integrate the currency of Verge in its platform as a payment option.

Planet Crypto around the world added that from now on, customers can now buy on their platform with XVG at 15% discount for the first 1000 items purchased. .

In response to the news, Verge stated that he went out to bring affordable stores to the world in cooperation with the online store.

About Crypto Planet Worldwide

Founded in 2018, the online store is among the most encrypted e-commerce stores.

Powered by the BitPay and CoinPayments gateways, Crypto Planet, with the availability of other currencies such as Nem (NEM), Digibyte (DGB), Litecoin (LTC) and others, offer a mobile web interface that guarantees a service of safe, fast and simple shopping with quick delivery.

NetCents Brings Verge (XVG) before the platform served more than 120 million daily visitors

Recently, NetCents announced that the platform serving over 120 million daily visitors has integrated its merchant gateway . This will make Verge usable by over 120 million daily visitors available on the platform.

When Today & # 39; s Gazette contacted NetCents to get all the details of the announced platform, NetCent refused to make the name public, but confirmed that Verge, Tron and ZenCash must be integrated into the payment protocol. 39; organization.

Verge's online merchandising shop (XVG) is 90% complete

Recently, the Journal of today also announced that Verge's (XVG) online merchandise store It is 90% complete. Through the store, lovers of cryptocurrency can buy the products displayed on the platform with XVG or Bitcoin.

Although the store will be unveiled this year, the rebase of the Verge code is 90% complete and will be unveiled next year. [19659014] Related

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