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Crypto Payment Gateway to help startups increase the use of personalized tokens

A company that describes itself as a "pioneer in the digital payments space" has unveiled plans to become the first company to offer payment processing capabilities for transactions involving tokens that comply with ERC20.

CoinPayments, founded in 2013, says its payment gateway has the potential to help new crypto startups increase their custom token adoption (ERC20), without each company having to code their payment processing solutions. .

The function also means that customers who have invested in new tokens may be able to use them on relevant platforms much faster than before and spend their encryption with physical merchants and e-commerce stores that accept CoinPayments as a payment method.

Alex Alexandrov, CEO of CoinPayments, told Cointelegraph: "The scalability and utility issues related to the token of Ethereum have turned the spotlight in the cryptocurrency sector once again, CoinPayments paves the way for innovation from the first and the only ERC20 token payment processing solution in the world.

"My vision is a world built around thousands of micro economies focused on building specific niche communities: CoinPayments offers a solution for each new token to have the opportunity to participate in this new banking world."

The official CoinPayments blog describes in detail how their ERC20 token payment processing solution works.

Several new projects in the works

As reported by Cointelegraph at the beginning of May, the company was preparing to launch two major projects in 2018.

CoinPayments has recently implemented a platform utility token airdrop, known as CPS Coin. All current users of the platform received 100 CPS each, worth about € 10, as well as new customers signing up for the first time before August 1, 2018. The company plans this token to offer discounts and discounts on the commercial transaction commissions, conversion fees and coin hosting commissions, as well as providing wagering fees and exclusive access to the initial coin offerings (ICO) hosted by CoinPayments.

The platform is also preparing to launch what it describes as a revamped version of its current user interface, which was called CoinPayments 3.0. It is hoped that portfolio owners and online merchants will enjoy "even more user-friendly" experience as a result of this update.

According to the official team website, CoinPayments currently has a coverage of over one million sellers in 182 countries. Through its cloud payment technology – including store interface, plugins and APIs – merchants of all sizes are able to accept Bitcoin along with hundreds of other cryptocurrencies.

The CoinPayments website has an extensive list of stores that use its payment processing solutions – covering a wide range of industries including clothing, games, health and beauty, music, travel, tobacco, games, art and collectibles, marketing and charity. This software allows consumers to easily access their account by sending and receiving coins while on the go. Users can also exchange cryptographic coins wherever they prefer, as long as they have an Internet connection.

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