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Crypto Market Snapshot – December 28th 2018

8 hours ago | Jon Nielsen

Crypto Market Snapshot - December 28th 2018

The cryptocurrency market has rebounded today, with prices rising to around 15:30 UTC. The total market capitalization has seen an increase of 9% to reach $ 132 billion and 92 of the first 100 cryptocurrencies have gained value in the last 24 hours. Of these, 48 of them grew by 10% or more.

From the point of view of fundamentals, there was no news that could reasonably explain the sudden surge in today's cryptocurrency markets. Today was the last day of trading of the BTCZ18 futures contracts offered by CME, which may have had an impact on the market.

The Bitcoin peak was relatively docile compared to the other major cryptocurrencies. As a result, the dominant position of BTC decreased by 1% and is now at 51.8%. The BTC is currently trading at around $ 3,930 and the explosive action on prices has attracted further commercial activity: the 24-hour volume reached a level of $ 3.8 billion before rising rapidly up to a maximum of $ 4. , 7 billion.

Ethereum was one of the biggest gainers of the top 100 encrypted, which is particularly impressive if we consider that ETH is the third largest cryptocurrency thanks to its market capitalization of $ 14.47 billion. After starting the trading day at around $ 115, ETH has risen and reached a daily high of almost $ 140. Since it worked much better than today's XRP, ETH is now in considerable distance to claim the second place in the rankings of the capital cap market of cryptocurrencies.

Today's top gainers were DEX and MGO, both of which are with relatively low market capitalization. Among the most significant currencies, ZIL and DCR benefited most from the current increase in the crypto market. Zilliqa should be a particularly interesting project to follow in the short term, since the team behind blockchain plans focused on scalability to implement the Zilliqa mainnet in January.

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