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Crypto goes to Mainstream with its own TV program

The world of cryptocurrency is about to get a huge impulse for adoption and recognition through a rather surprising path: television.

Kevin Connolly of the fame of "Entourage" is currently working on a new project called Cryptos, a television program about a group of friends who use cryptocurrency to try and do it in Hollywood. After struggling to find lenders for their new film, they decided to launch a digital token and finance their project by creating a decentralized film studio.

Connolly, who played the role of Eric & # 39; E & # 39; Murphy in the 2000 hit film, Entourage, announced the upcoming show at the recent North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami. He believes that the show will help to introduce cryptocurrency into the world and dispel some of the rumors and confusion surrounding the topic.

"The thing that scares people about cryptography is a lack of understanding" he explained in an interview with Breaker Mag.

Connolly, who will not only be the protagonist of the new show but will also take on director roles, is new to the cryptocurrency itself. The conference was his first foray into the industry and he admits that it is still a big learning curve for him.

The show is produced by two longtime blockchain fans, Erik Sords and Jason King. Both were previously involved in startup blockchain, including The Academy School of Blockchain and Dionysia, a decentralized global study. They hope to see the show appear on Netflix or Amazon Prime and believe that the inclusion of Connolly will help in this regard.

This is not the first time that cryptocurrency and television have joined forces. The first feature-length feature film, KevCoin, was released in the United Kingdom last year. The film follows the adventures of Kevin Powder, played by comedian Jason Attar, while trying to launch his digital heritage. He won Best Comedy and Best Micro-Budget at the London Independent Film Festival.

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