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Crypto Gets "Jeopardy" | Cryptocoin Spy

Many people have noted that cryptocurrency has been cited in popular culture over the years and continues to be mentioned more than ever before. For example, at the start of this year, a portfolio of cryptocurrency ledger was In the foreground in the hit show "Billions" on Showtime, and Silicon Valley featured an entire episode involved an initial offer of coins (ICO). Cryptocurrency has reached a new milestone as it has now been mentioned in the iconic Jeopardy game.

"Crypto" as a category

A Twitter user with the name of @UnderstatedPete seems to be the first to grasp the fact that Jeopardy characterized an entire category entitled "Cryptocurrencies". In the game show, competitors choose the categories they want to answer. The user showed the show and tagged it in some high-profile cryptocurrency influencers, including @fintechfrank, a cryptocurrency news reporter, and Anthony Pompliano, founder of Morgan Creek Capital, a cryptocurrency venture capital company.

Specific cryptographic questions / answers

Mr. Agarwal often jokes about his Twitter account, which is extremely popular with cryptocurrency enthusiasts, but is also the communications director of CoinsCenter, a Washington DC-based organization that calls itself a "cryptocurrency" den of ideas. . He replied to the tweet, asking the Twitter user to "tell us the answers as soon as they arrive".

For those who are not aware, Danger it's a show of games created by Merv Griffin who has thrived since the '70s. The show has gained a global following and is regularly included in the "Greatest Shows Of All Time" lists. The show has over 7000 episodes and the current conductor, Alex Trebek, holds the Guinness World Record for "the episodes of greater gameshow hosted by the same presenter"

Alex Trebek, host of Danger

The Twitter user requested the request of Agarwal, tweeting the "answers" related to the cryptocurrency. In Dangerthe competitors are given the answer first, so they are asked to answer the question is a format "What is x?". Here's the answers":

Another user answered with the correct information in a tweet. Technically, these are the "questions", but they are the information that competitors should answer to earn points in the Danger game:

The tweet already has over 50 retweets and hundreds of likes, and many were thrilled to see "cryptocurrencies" as a category in a game of this type and famous. A particular project of cryptocurrency mentioned was the KIN token.

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