Crypto Crash Shopping: the 5 best Altcoins to consider after the last encryption


During the last rounds of abnormal arrests arriving approximately every two weeks, the altcoins took a beating and lost more than Bitcoin (BTC) . There is no guarantee that altcoin has seen low prices and there is still talk of a "capitulation" event, in which the owners of altcoin give up their wallets and even liquidate the masternodes.

At this point, collecting altcoins to get guaranteed returns could be a futile game, however, if you're still trying to fill some bags, here are the 5 best altcoins to consider during this incident.

TRON (TRX) : Recently, the TRON network has launched its virtual machine, and now there are more than 300,000 accounts for TRON users. It is not clear what the network will be for, but owning TRX is a way to participate in the community and observe developments more closely.

TRX is at $ 0.02 as of 10:00 UTC on Thursday, having lost more than 16% net in the last 24 hours. Even if TRX goes down, the current price allows you to easily buy some TRXs for voting, as well as test the system.

Other coins in this price range, which have the characteristics of a survivor, include DigiByte (DGB) Bytecoin (BCN) and Verge (XVG) . Activities at relatively low prices continue to attract users where more expensive currencies appear more prohibitive. Low-priced coins also recall the early days of cryptography and allow community efforts to wait for better times on the markets.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) : this digital resource has a relatively low level, and a rather stable price. It also has a stable network with a solid development team and is now on Coinbase. ETC sees active trading on Asian markets. After the last crash, ETC dropped about 13% from 10:00 UTC, falling to $ 11.40.

ETC could also be a good alternative to Ethereum but without the attempt to make mining obsolete. While there are very few ICOs on the Ethereum Classic network, the currency remains useful as a digital currency. In this price category, NEO (NEO) is also a reasonable choice, as the price has fallen again below $ 20. The NEO network has some important ICOs and is also a resource that pays dividends, sending GAS every month.

DogeCoin (DOGE) : This low-level comic digital resource could actually serve a valuable role For one, it's a quick and cheap way to transfer funds between the exchanges. DOGE is always relatively cheap – although at current prices, it might be wiser to wait and see where DOGE is going. This asset is easily tradable with other currencies and a USDT pair on Bittrex has recently been added. This means that the price of DOGE could become more independent of Bitcoin prices, in order to offset some of the market risks. DOGE is also a currency coined with Litecoin (LTC) ensuring a wide and secure network.

Stellar (XLM) : The Stellar network is here to make the difference. Stellar offers a network of already functioning nodes and a semi-centralized consensus system to guarantee speed and low costs. While for some the Stellar network is too centralized, the XLM asset has now become more accessible. XLM also remains relatively robust in BTC's prices. In the last crash, XLM slipped in a few minutes from $ 0.21 to $ 0.19 at about UTC midnight and remained at those levels. XLM is set up to support the Kik app and serve instead of the KIN Ethereum token for faster and cheaper transfers. The purchase of some XLMs can now be useful for exploring a promising digital ecosystem.

VeChain Thor (VET) : As a platform currency, this is one of the projects with a robust launch and an idea to serve the logistics industry. The IFP remains a risky proposition. However, the relatively low price of the IFP is still looking for a direction. At $ 0.015, the IFP is also quite accessible. Much of the supply of money is blocked for stakeout, and the currency distributes the good VTHO, which can continue to gain value on its own. The IFP is a relatively accessible way to bet on new coins in the platform. At this point, NEM (XEM), with a price that drops to $ 0.08, could be a good choice.

At the present time the depressed prices, the purchase in an altcoin can be done with a medium-long term time horizon. Most projects must evolve and prove themselves. However, with the prices of many coins returning to pre-boom levels, the purchase now allows for cheaper exposure.

Altcoins are extremely risky, and another 90% loss is not out of the question, as there is no difficulty and speed in evaluating tokens and coins. However, with interesting use cases and improved technologies, some of the resources continue to grow their communities and could remain base points in the encrypted world in the coming years.

Neither the author nor the publisher assume any responsibility for investments, profits or losses made as a result of such information. Trading and investments in cryptocurrency are risky propositions and market participants are advised to always conduct in-depth research.

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