Crypto Barons to form an alliance with OPSkins and WAX


Crypto Barons and Worldwide Asset eXchange have recently made available the company's corporate crypts on the OPSkins market.

Crypto Barons is a decentralized app built on the Ethereum network that houses a game set in the medieval period. The aim of creating such a game is to help users collect collectibles ranging from wood, food, farms, armies, workers and soldiers, to becoming a powerful name. Like any other traditional game, users will use their armies for battles to safeguard their kingdoms. It is said that the use of blockchain increases transaction time, as it allows users to buy, sell and trade goods efficiently.

According to the Blockchain Senior Research Advisor, Veikko Hara, Crypto Barons' goal is to stimulate a pleasant but useful experience in dealing with digital resources. Hara goes on to say:

"We believe that role-playing games such as Crypto Barons, which combine the intellect to acquire and build resources, will solve most of the scalability and payment problems faced by traditional games as they move to the blockchain."

One might wonder how WAX and OPSkins play a role in contributing Crypto Barons& # 39; Objectives. For beginners, OPSkins is a market made for gaming blockchain. WAX is one of their projects, as they have found the need to allow users to make in-game purchases, promoting a more and more electrifying experience. Based on a comment made by OPSkins CIO, Malcolm CasSelle, while blockchain games continue to attract users, the need for a "reliable market" naturally increases.

OPSkins has become the go-to market for gaming blockchain. Having known as the platform to host CryptoKitties, his latest effort is Crypto Barons. Their success has been repeatedly announced, as several million transactions will take place on a weekly basis with as many active users. Being able to make purchases with WAX seems to be a great approach, as it allows anyone to create a virtual goods market, without investing in security, infrastructure or processing payments, ultimately attracting the attention of users.

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