Crypto and Blockchain smartphones will be the next big thing


This week the crypto-sphere has been inundated with talking about Samsung and its next-generation flagship phone full of cryptic goodies. While the company itself has rejected the story according to reports, rivals are sending out products that will undoubtedly keep Samsung on tiptoe.

Samsung Rumors in abundance

The hype was instigated by a Samsung community website that published a story about the cold crypto storage feature included in the Galaxy S10. According to SamMobile who published an exclusive few days ago;

"After hearing about the brands for the blockchain software and cryptocurrency Samsung, we decided to dig a little deeper.We can confirm that the company is developing one and that it could be launched with the Galaxy S10 . "

The story continued with some features such as a cold wallet for cryptography storage, the signing of public and private keys and a portfolio for transfers and transaction history. The story was disseminated through the encrypted web of the media, creating a level of hype similar to that in which it was hoped that Facebook was digging into digital coins. Also the crypto of war John McAfee commented;

"Has Samsung ever made a strategic calculation error, I think not, Crypto is not just here to stay, it's getting the upper hand … Listen to the market – you're damn good, keep up."

Reports contrary to Cointelegraph have claimed that Samsung has refuted the story by labeling it as "speculation". "Unfortunately we are not able to provide any information as the bottom line is rumors and speculation," said South Korean technology giant.

The fact is that Samsung has deposited several blockchains and patents related to cryptography, including those related to storage and cold wallets, so putting two and two together SamMobile has collected a lot of traffic for himself.

The company has been tight-lipped, but the launch of a smartphone blockchain with cryptocurrency functionality is just a matter of time. The two technologies go hand in hand, making instant micro-payments while on the move would be better with a dedicated smartphone than a clumsy laptop.

This week, the mobile phone maker HTC is already in the balance with the launch of its blockchain phone Exodus 1. The reviews are already reaching the web and it was announced that the device would be preloaded with the decentralized browser Brave that is powered by the token BAT which was recently listed on Coinbase Pro.

From a hardware standpoint, the device is very similar to those of its competitors, but works as a node on HTC's blockchain to allow dApp to run and allow cryptocurrency transactions at no cost. The Exodus 1 also has a number of security features and encrypted storage features.

There is no doubt that Samsung is working on something like this even if they were shy at the moment. While these crypto-phones may just be something out of a cypherpunk's dream, today they are the pioneers of what is likely to be common in the not too distant future.

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