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CryptantCrab launches, transforming the Blockchain game with a solid economy

Many experts and enthusiasts have suggested that online gaming is a natural niche for blocking and improving blockchain. Advantages such as the ownership of real objects, the interoperability between games and esports without trust suggest that this statement is not groundless, but existing attempts have diminished. Fortunately, the January 8 launch of CryptantCrab seeks to usher in the next generation of blockchain games.

CryptantCrab is the emerging project of the award-winning iCandy Interactive development studio, which is already responsible for numerous popular game titles such as Crab of war is Alien path. With CryptantCrab, players will be able to manage, fight and exchange digital crabs on the Ethereum blockchain.

At the surface level, the game is simple: players collect CryptantCrabs and send them into quarrels. However, what distinguishes this game from the existing blockchain games is the level of autonomy and personalization that the player maintains. Each crab is highly specialized and unique, with different parts of the body and elements that influence their ability in battle. In addition, the attached fossils further alter the fighting abilities of each crab.

Forge your perfect crab

The management of your crab goes far beyond buying and selling. CryptantCrab offers two unique mechanisms Mutation and Xenograft for players to customize their versatile fighter. Mutations represent a risk / reward system in which players can choose to mutate different parts of the crab. This will produce a different effect on the statistics whenever each mutation alters the crab's statistics / looks. These alterations will synchronize in various ways with the abilities of the crab as a whole.

The Xenograft system allows players to add and remove parts through different crabs. For example, a player could take a claw and a leg from each of their crab collections and graft them onto their prize fighter. Even crabs with grafted parts do not simply fade away. They are transformed into Fossils, a new form that can be equipped on other crabs to further influence their statistics.

Cryptant crab

A dynamic economy

The Mutation and Xenograft systems enable the value on multiple levels. Rather than having only the best crabs that catch the buyers' attention, all crabs promote intrinsic value. Even the common crabs can be seen as mutation games, in which a series of successful mutations could turn them into something special. Also, otherwise unattractive crabs carrying one or two large components will cause buyers to have their goods grafted onto other crabs.

The Fossil system, with crab fossils, represents another market for speculators and collectors, both for the collection of fossilized crabs and for the search for the best fossils destined for battle. In some cases, players can get a Fossil Relioso, a more rare form of Fossil that could prove very useful if equipped with the right crab.

With many different metrics and features to assign value, players will be very active in the Marketplace. In fact, players can also take on different niche roles specialized in changing mediocre crabs, in collecting a deposit of graft to be grafted, in the evaluation and collection of fossils. The most dynamic and significant market activities, the most real value in the world can be assigned to these virtual crustaceans. With over 1,200 unique crabs already claimed during the presale, there is a whole network of players eager to undertake cooperation and market competition.

Crypant Crab PVP

Fight up to the top

Beyond the direct battles, where players present their best fighting crabs on one another, the Arena in Pool function, which will be available in the second quarter of 2019, will make things even more exciting . In the Pool Arena, the best crabs will compete to claim the title as the best of the best. Obviously, no championship is complete without a prize. Pool Arena winners also bring home the generosity of Ether that is up for grabs.

For more details on CryptantCrab and the upcoming launch, head to website.

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