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Cricket South Africa falls short of a $ 70,000 Bitcoin Twitter scam

The South African national cricket organization was briefly a victim of Twitter scammers and started offering a fake Bitcoin (BTC) lottery, the Indian newspaper Indian Express reported on January 14.

Cricket South Africa (CSA), which has over 1 million followers, has tweeted its alleged early program participation.

The staff stated that the organization had started a partnership with Luno, a UK based cryptocurrency portfolio, through which users could win a prize worth 20 BTC ($ 70,900).

The now deleted tweet included a Bitcoin address to which those who wanted to get involved had to send a 0.01 BTC, and it was active for about five hours.

"We apologize to all of our Twitter followers who were hit by the hack at night," CSA subsequently wrote in a follow-up tweet after confirming that their Twitter had returned to their control.

In a separate message, Luno also confirmed that the news was not authentic, stating officials:

"We distance ourselves from this tweet that is going around, we have not collaborated with (CSA)."

At the time of printing, a separate one Tweet from PPC Newlands Cricket on the fake BTC tribute from CSA was still alive.

The Bitcoin address used in the rogue lottery contained a balance of 0.02 BTC ($ 70) at the time of printing, suggesting that only two Twitter users sent funds.

The episode adds to the number of scams involving the world of cryptocurrency and Twitter, the social media platform that has gained a reputation for practice in the last year.

As reported by Cointelegraph, they have characters known as the co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin expressed concern about the problem, which includes mass armies of bots and fake accounts that write tweets about fake gifts.

While the platform said it is addressing the problem, the bots persist, research suggesting evidence of a vast network that adapts to the conditions to avoid being shut down.

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