Craig Steven Wright is more excited about the second biggest Crypto "Ripple (XRP)"


One of the controversial characters of the cryptic community around the world, Craig Steven Wright (CSW) is believed to have developed the second largest cryptocurrency – Market Cap's XRP according to his official Twitter account. The first Tweet apparently published on November 17 in which he significantly criticized Ethereum.

Through his tweets, he made it clear that XRP is a definite form of security as it is not a utility token. Speaking further of the topic, he said that the government of the whole world and all those users of the community who have a variety of definition relevant to the term – Securities, however, may be consistent with the fact that a "Security is a good or a negotiable asset that is sold in anticipation of profit, and this in itself makes it a security" as indicated by Wright.

The whole story is not confined up to here. In addition, he emphasized his forecasts he made in the recent past, which could, of course, increase the credibility of his tweet significantly, which is nothing more than to say "XRP is next". In the middle, Wright has increased his success story in the next tweet by stating that "XRP is the biggest scam in space".

Let us not forget that Wright has already been criticized and accused of being a scammer by many users of the community in the cryptic whole world. In addition to this, he is believed to have misrepresented his predictions with a specific jargon.

Between the whole story, he has not even left the founder of Bitcoin – Satoshi Nakamoto from his criticisms raised as doubts by the founder of Ethereum – Vitalik Buuterin. There are community users who have accused Wright of being the fake Twitter account @Satoshi who was suspended several days ago as per official report.

Let's not forget that XRP is in second place for market capitalization of $ 19,821,901.054 with prices traded at $ 0.491525 on November 20, 2018, 9:48 ISM of CoinMarketCap.

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