Covid19 Occitanie: a continuing increase in the number of severe cases


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Occitanie: a serious epidemic situation, with a human toll that affects the most vulnerable. Anyone can be sick. Some lose their lives.

INSEE data confirm the finding of an excess of mortality this year. In France and for all causes combined, the average number of deaths per day was 2,200 in April 2020, up from around 1,600 in the past 5 years. With the summer this figure is on the rise again. A recent increase that has also been observed in Occitania since September.

Covid19, a more serious situation than last spring

The situation in Occitania is more serious than last spring, the number of people hospitalized is now well above the peak of activity of last spring. Currently, mortality indicators are even more important in Occitania. The situation remains very worrying, according to the ARS (Regional Health Agency).

Occitanie, a continuous increase in the number of severe cases

R0 or effective R denotes the rate of reproduction of a virus. In a population without immunity, this is the average number of new cases caused by an infected person. Projections from the Institut Pasteur confirm that nothing has yet been won against the virus and that caution is needed more than ever.

Today the actual R is R = 1.2 which means that the Region is moving towards a continuous increase in the number of serious cases during the month of November.

Screenings of the Covid19 pastoral institute in Occitania
Projections of the pastor of the Covid19 institute in Occitania © ARS

Mobilization of all caregivers, public and private hospitals, Liberals and medico-social professionals strengthen their collaboration. A collective commitment to the virus to address a challenge: to take care of Covid patients, while continuing to meet all other care needs.

EHPAD side, 115,000 antigen tests are deployed in Occitania. They complete the test offer with very fast results.

Containment: a collective challenge, Jean Castex will speak on Thursday

To curb the circulation of the virus, every behavior counts, and also in the sphere of private life. Fair and respected confinement is a collective challenge, the success and results of which will be played out in the coming days.

The Prime Minister, Jean Castex, will provide an update on the health situation on Thursday 12 November at 6pm. According to people close to the executive, this speech would be orderly “pedagogical”.

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