Covid antibodies are decreasing rapidly, it is possible to contract the virus more than once


WALL – A study conducted in the UK showed that the levels of antibodies in the blood of people with Covid-19 fell rapidly after surviving the disease. According to experts, this indicates that there is a high risk of contracting the corona virus more than once.

In the study conducted by Imperial College London, data from over 350,000 people who were tested for antibodies as part of the study called React-2 were examined. As a result, the antibody level of people who tested positive for antibodies (i.e., they have been shown to have the virus) decreased by 26% in the three months from June to September.

Antibody levels showed a greater decline in people aged 65 and over, as well as in asymptomatic cases. While antibodies were detected in about 60 out of 1,000 people between late June and early July, the number dropped to 44 in tests performed in September.

The results of the study indicate that during the summer and fall the number of people with antibodies decreased by more than 25%. According to the researchers, higher levels of antibodies in healthcare workers may also be related to their repeated capture of the virus. (EXTERNAL NEWS)

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