COVID-19 in Matane: epidemics continue in two residences for the elderly | News | The sun


LThe epidemic at the Résidence des Bâtisseurs reached 83 people, including 62 residents, 18 employees and three carers. Two people are currently hospitalized and four others have died from the disease. Of the 14 cases at the Résidence des Sages, 12 are beneficiaries out of the 17 hosted in the establishment and two are workers. One person is currently hospitalized, and two coronavirus-related deaths have occurred in less than a week.

Environments under surveillance

Although the situation is stable, two other establishments in La Matanie are supervised by the Integrated Center of Health and Social Services (CISSS) of Bas-Saint-Laurent. These are the CHSLD de Matane, where a resident with the coronavirus of the Résidence des Sages was transferred there, and the Résidences de la Belle Mer de Sainte-Félicité, where an infected health worker, coming from outside, passed through it. At Rimouski University Family Medicine Group, the situation remains stable after three employees received a positive result in a screening test.

On Sunday, Bas-Saint-Laurent added four new cases to its toll – 605 people who have contracted the virus since the start of the pandemic and 13 people have died. “We have 491 cases recovered in Bas-Saint-Laurent,” says Sylvie Lamontagne, media relations assistant at CISSS. In addition to the two new cases recorded in Matanie, the other two come from the Rivière-du-Loup and Kamouraska CKDs, which have a total of 190 cases and 79 cases respectively. On Saturday 348 screening tests were carried out in Bas-Saint-Laurent.

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