COVID-19. Boris Johnson in solitary confinement after being alerted by monitoring app – News


The British Prime Minister is in self-isolation after being alerted by a screening application, the NHS Test and Trace, similar to the Portuguese STAYAWAY COVID, which was in contact with a person infected with the novel coronavirus.

According to The Guardian, Boris Johnson attended a 35-minute meeting with a small group of Conservative lawmakers on Thursday, and Lee Anderson, one of the attendees, later developed symptoms of infection with the novel coronavirus and tested positive.

In a statement released, the executive leader “will continue to work from Downing Street, including spearheading the government’s response to the pandemic.” The same note also says that Boris Johnson “is fine and has no symptoms of covid-19”.

It is recalled that the British sovereign was infected with the new coronavirus in late April, having even been hospitalized for three days in the intensive care unit of St. Thomas Hospital in London.

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