Countos Coin: the innovative trading platform for CryptoCurrency – Press release

Today there are many cryptocurrencies in the world. Some have been able to stand the test of time while some have unfortunately not been able to keep the promised benefits.

A currency that is currently illuminating the cryptographic market is the country. The currency has provided some interesting facts and figures that strongly indicate its feasibility. It basically accounts for digital money that can be used for all types of transactions. Unlike most cryptocurrencies, Counos was designed to create a secure and stable p2p payment platform. There are four types of digital currency Counos tailored for different innovative solutions. These digital coins are Counos coins, Counos Cash, Counos Gold and Couns Sliver.

Coin Count

The coin mining Counos requires the use of computers or mining devices to solve a computational puzzle. The difficulty of this puzzle is determined by the average rate of block creation at the moment. When the average rate of blocks generated is relatively high, the difficulty increases. The demonstration of work systems is one of the security measures that ensure that transactions performed on the Counos platform are safe from manipulation.

To manipulate confirmed transactions, an attacker must go through the process of recreating the hash of the block that contains the transaction and all subsequent blocks that have been added to the chain after the transaction.

Like bitcoin, Counos prides itself on a system that is not owned or controlled by an entity. Therefore, the transactions carried out on the platform are not controlled by any central figure. This system guarantees users that transaction fees are greatly reduced. Furthermore, transactions can be made anywhere in the world at any time.

Because the transaction on the platform is not monitored by a central figure, it is necessary to create a way to guarantee users that the currency they are paid has not been used to facilitate another transaction.

To do this, the platform made every transaction public. Therefore, each participant of the Counos platform will have a history of all the transactions carried out on the platform and the transactions can be confirmed only when most of the nodes of the platform agree to have received the details of the proposed transactions.

the bitcoin platform, transactions are confirmed in an average of 10 minutes. To further ascertain that these transactions can not be canceled, users are advised to wait until more blocks are added to the chain. This takes an average of an hour. While on the Counos platform, the transaction confirmation time is approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Therefore, time-sensitive transactions can be made using the Counos platform

The maximum supply of Counos is 21 million coins, and there are about 16,800,000 Counos coins already in circulation and 4,800,000 are available for 39; mining.

Counos Cash : this digital currency is pre-mined and represents real funds. The price of the cash accounts is fixed and will be regulated by CSC Int GmbH. C & # 39; is a maximum supply of 21 million cash in circulation.

Counos Gold : CounosGold is also awarded. Counos deposits the exact amount of the gold account purchased in a Swiss bank, therefore the value of CounosGold is guaranteed. Counos Gold can be used for all types of transactions and can also be traded with fiat currency

Couns Sliver : Couns Sliver is very similar to Counos Gold. The difference is that instead on Gold, Silver is deposited in a Swiss bank for each plot purchased. So the value of Counos Sliver is relative to the value of Sliver.

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