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Cory Johnson: ripple one of the most advanced companies on any market

Cory Johnson, Ripple's Chief Market Strategist, spoke at 2018 Techonomy Conference about the crypto space. He said that Ripple is one of the most advanced companies in the blockchain market. Ripple has worked in recent years to develop various products and services for financial institutions and banks.

Ripple, the most advanced company in the market

During the event, Cory Johnson spoke about the blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrencies. He also reflected on the business by working with distributed ledger technology (DLP) and the challenges of Bitcoin.

Ripple started to build the Internet of Value. He says that there was no level of Internet payment and that Ripple wanted to build it. If you can send messages and information very quickly, why is not it possible to do the same with the money? This is what Ripple is trying to solve.

He then said that Ripple was one of the "most advanced" companies in the blockchain market. On the matter, he told the public:

"We have about a hundred paying customers, we have moved over a billion dollars in the network and we are opening new corridors, and when I joined the company about 9 months ago, they were doing a deal in 6 weeks. . "

This shows that there is a very bright future for Ripple. The company is working to establish a greater level of interoperability between xCurrent and xRapid. These two products are also adopted by major companies around the world.

In addition, he commented that the company has also grown taking into account the number of employees who work. Johnson said that in less than a year, the company added 150 new employees.

Comparing XRP with Bitcoin (BTC), Johnson said that XRP is a more advanced version of Bitcoin. When Ripple developed XRP, they decided to create a Bitcoin 2.0. For example, they added some privacy on the transactions and solved the scalability problem that Bitcoin is currently facing.

"The guys who created XRP, they looked at the white paper that Satoshi wrote about Bitcoin and they said" this is great " He said Johnson. "This could be reasonable on a scale, but what the problems would be.There might be problems in requesting a total opening in each transaction."

The XRP is used and should be massively used by the institutions. This is why there are some banks and entities that do not want to show the information of some of their transactions. XRP provides that giving privacy to those in need without compromise with transparency.

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