Coronavirus: People of one blood group are infected less often


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Studies have shown that coronavirus affects people with blood type 0 less often than others. However, something else may have an influence on the course of the disease.

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  • The Blood group AB was at Infected crown detected much more often.
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One of the peculiarities of the coronavirus is its unpredictability: some people become seriously ill when they are infected, others hardly notice anything. And many don’t even get infected, although they may have been heavily exposed to the pathogen. It all depends a lot on the family member Risk factors such as age and previous illnesses together. But that’s not all: research suggests that the blood group it plays a role in determining if you are infected and that is obviously certain Gene the severity of one Disease with Covid-19 influence.

There has long been evidence that people with the Blood group 0 less often COVID-19 get sick like people with the Blood groups A, B or AB. Studies from some European countries and China have suggested this connection. Researchers from the University Clinic for Blood Group Serology and Transfusion Medicine of the Medical University of Graz are studying the mechanism behind this.

A cell (red) infected with the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2, yellow).

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Corona infection: The blood group likely plays a role in the possibility of getting infected

Blood groups differ in some features on the surface of red blood cells (erythrocytes). Their job is to carry oxygen and carbon dioxide through the bloodstream. The shell of red blood cells contains various carbohydrates and proteins, which give them a certain surface structure, are also called antigens.

People with blood type A carry certain carbohydrates (sugar) on the surface of their erythrocytes, people with blood type B others. People with blood type AB have both carbohydrate groups. People with the extension Blood group 0 however, none of these blood group antigens have red blood cells on the surface.

Corona Research: Certain blood groups could be a risk factor for Covid-19

How these surface features might do this Risk of corona infection influence? We know that these sugary structures – found not only in the AB0 blood group system, but also in the tissues of the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract – also play a role in detecting microorganisms. “Pathogens like it Bacteria or viruses it can therefore selectively bind to blood group structures and influence colonization of affected tissue or uptake into cells, “explains study director Eva Maria Matzhold, a molecular biologist at the Medical University of Graz. In their study, the scientists want to investigate “whether the properties of the AB0 blood group are another possible risk factor for Covid-19 infection and disease can represent ”, says Thomas Wagner, a transfusion specialist.

Blood groups don’t just influence disease risk in the case of the coronavirus

The first results of the study already show such a connection. According to Matzhold and Wagner, they show that people with the Blood group 0 they are statistically less likely to be involved COVID-19 getting sick like people with blood types A, B and AB. especially the Blood group AB being with infected people e Sick of Covid-19 “Found much more often”.

Those blood groups refer to Risk of disease the impact is not specific to this Coronavirus. Among other things, it is believed that people with the extension Blood group 0 they were more prone to the plague. However: once you have dealt with the Coronavirus infected, according to the current state of knowledge, the blood group probably does not affect the severity of the disease. The Austrian research team therefore warns that an AB0 blood group determination should “currently not be used as a” prognostic marker for the course of COVID-19 It can be used “.

Coronavirus: Genes could play a role during Covid-19

Experts from the University of California, Riverside and the University of Southern California are currently working on the search for such markers. They investigate why the discomfort occurs COVID-19 they are so different – and not in sight of the usual Risk factorsbut at the molecular level.

The research team looked for it Genescaused by the Virus SARS-CoV-2 they are affected. Because the virus needs the help of the host organism (in this case man) so that its infected cells replicate its genetic material and release more viruses in large numbers. Six genes were found with SARS-CoV-2 interact and influence the risk of disease. The researchers hope that these new findings will also support the development of new therapeutic approaches. (Pamela Dörhöfer)

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