Coronavirus: French pharmaceutical group Sanofi announces vaccine for June


Sanofi France president Olivier Bogillot told Cnews Sunday that the Sanofi Pasteur laboratory will make a vaccine available in June.

Researchers from the French pharmaceutical group got compelling results during Phase II, conducted on several hundred patients, he announced on Cnews.

It was decided to start production of the doses in December, at the same time as phase III tests, which are expected to last until May. Carried out on a much larger number of people, it must reflect the benefit / risk ratio of the remedy.

A risk measured by the laboratory

By starting production only at the end of phase II, Sanofi Pasteur is taking a risk if phase III proves inconclusive. However, the lab is confident that it will be able to market the doses a month later, in June. The goal is to return to normal life in the fall, he said.

It is specified that the Sanofi Pasteur vaccine can be stored like that of the flu, by placing it in the refrigerator.

Several questions remain unanswered

Despite this great progress, many questions are still pending, the leader admitted.

Will it take one or two injections to be protected? Will I need to be vaccinated every year?

In the global vaccine race, and while Pfizer / BioNtech companies recently announced they have discovered a formula that is 90% effective against Covid-19, Olivier Bogillot recalled the importance of several labs developing a formula that works.

It is on this condition that everyone can benefit from it, he said.

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