Corona Week in the Arab world: for the first time, Iraq tops the list of injuries (interactive)


Hadeel Hilal

Posted in: Tuesday 4 August 2020-13: 17 | Last update: Tuesday 4 August 2020 – 13:17

The number of new infections with the new Corona virus (Covid-19) has steadily increased since the virus appeared late last year in the Chinese city of Wuhan, and the State of Comoros is the latest Arab country to enter the country. list of infections at the beginning of last May, after announcing the first case of “Covid-19”.

By the end of last week, precisely in the period between Friday 24 July and until Thursday 30 July, Arab countries have registered more than 70,000 new cases of Coronavirus, which represents a decline in the number of infections compared to last week, during which Arab countries recorded more than 71 infections.

Iraq surpassed Saudi Arabia in the number of victims; Topping the list with over 19,000 injuries, as the following figure shows:

Iraq finished first in Corona injuries during the week, with 19.37 injured, followed by Saudi Arabia with 13,825 injured, then Oman with 6,513, then Morocco with 4,995, and in fifth place, Kuwait, which recorded 4,657 injuries, as the following graph shows:

Regarding deaths, Arab countries recorded more than 1,400 new deaths in the same period. Due to the new Corona virus, Iraq tops the list with 549 cases, while four countries: Comoros, Tunisia, Somalia and Jordan have not recorded any deaths, as the following figure shows:

Iraq ranked first in Corona deaths during the week, with 549 cases, followed by Egypt with 294 deaths, then Saudi Arabia, which recorded 207 deaths, then Algeria, 76 deaths and the Oman, which recorded 65 deaths, as the following figure shows:

Interestingly, all data and figures were obtained from the official pages of the ministries of health in Arab countries and from Arab news agencies on the social networking sites “Facebook” and “Twitter”.

Some countries did not publish the daily epidemiological report on “Covid-19” for a few days, such as Somalia, Djibouti and Comoros, and zero injuries and deaths were recorded on the unregistered days; For lack of availability of your data.

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