Corona ticker: the federal government aims to ban ski holidays at European level


16:38 | The hosts would like to ban snow holidays at EU level

German presidents of ministers are calling on the federal government to look into the EU-wide ban on snow holidays. This emerges from a document of the 16 prime ministers for the final round with Chancellor Angela Merkel. “The federal government is being asked to come up with regulations agreed at the European level so as not to allow ski tourism until January 10”, reads the document available to the Reuters news agency.

Meanwhile, Austria has rejected a proposal by the Prime Minister of Bavaria Markus Söder (CSU) to close its ski resorts over the Christmas period. He couldn’t get anything out of it, Austrian Tourism Minister Elisabeth Köstinger said. Winter holidays in Austria will be safe. But there will be no après-ski this season.

15:34 | Countries want less stringent crown requirements for trade

For federal states, the restrictions on the wreath required by the federal government for retail in the Christmas industry go too far. When the 16 prime ministers held a consultation with Chancellor Angela Merkel ahead of the final round, state leaders decided to limit the additional requirements for retailers required by the federal government to “infection hotspots.” The federal government would typically only like to allow one customer in 25 square meters of retail space nationwide. According to a decision by the country leaders, however, one person for every ten square meters should be allowed in stores with up to 800 square meters of retail space. For stores of 801 square meters or more, only one customer per 20 square meters should be allowed.

13:30 | Association: the first overloaded clinics in Saxony

The Saxon State Medical Association sees medical care in some regions of Saxony at acute risk of corona infection. According to President Erik Bodendieck, Eastern Saxony is “already on the verge of resilience”. In Görlitz, patients have to be moved elsewhere because hospitals are tight. This is threatening.

According to Bodendieck, 1,447 corona patients are currently being treated in clinics in Saxony, 324 of them in intensive care units. The utilization of planned capacity is 80 percent and 75 percent respectively.


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