Corona pandemic: hundreds infected with mutated pathogen


A new dangerously mutated variant of the coronavirus has been discovered in Europe. Several hundred people have already been infected.

The corona pandemic continues to rage around the world. A new coronavirus mutation has been discovered in Europe that has already affected several hundred people. Now drastic measures must be taken.

The corona pandemic becomes unpredictable due to mutations

A new variant of the Crown was discovered in a country close to Germany, among all places. The new type of mutation was called Cluster 5 Virus. At least 214 confirmed cases have been recorded in the affected regions. To prevent the new mutation from spreading further and further aggravating the crown pandemic, the Danish government is taking extremely drastic measures.

The pharmaceutical newspaper reported that the virus was originally found in mink (a special species of marten). The coronavirus mutation has been detected in several mink farms, of which there are particularly many in Denmark. The government is getting carried away and has imposed a blockade on seven municipalities.

Terrible consequences of the new coronavirus mutation

But it gets worse: Researchers suspect vaccines currently under development may not work as well against the new coronavirus mutation. For this reason, the Danish government has decided that continuing mink farming poses a significant health risk. The result: 15 to 17 million minks are said to be killed.

The occurrence of the new Corona variant initially has no consequences for Germany, as mink farming is prohibited in this country, the Friedrich Loeffler Institute (FLI) told the German news agency. However, the situation is still closely monitored. Small animal furs are particularly popular and have a high value.

Cluster 5 virus is not the only coronavirus mutation that is making the fight against the corona pandemic even more difficult. These 7 forms with specific symptoms were discovered by researchers. Germany is also currently in the second block. This is to prevent a terrifying situation.

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