Corona: Fauci finally wants to work with Biden and criticizes Trump


UVirus expert S Anthony Fauci reacted impatiently to President Donald Trump’s delay tactics in inducing his elected successor Joe Biden. “Of course, it would be better if we could start working with them,” said the director of the US Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which has seen 36 government changes over the years. It’s like delivering the relay in a race. “You don’t want to stop there,” Fauci told CNN.

Trump has refused to admit his electoral defeat and denies Biden and his staff access to important government information. Biden’s team announced that it will soon consult with vaccine manufacturers.

The talks are expected to begin later this week, Biden’s designated chief of staff Ron Klain told NBC. Pfizer will also talk about it, which, together with its German partner Biontech, has developed a vaccine for which it wants to request accelerated approval.

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Fauci stressed that life will not return to normal immediately when the first doses of the vaccine are expected to be available in December. Americans should keep the precautionary measures until next year. At the moment everyone was feeling “Covid tired” and tired of everything. “But we have to resist. We have to stick together, “said Fauci.” Because we can change things. “


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