Controversy established: Pennsylvania postmaster denounces election fraud in US elections – World


More than a week after the US presidential election, which culminated with the victory of Democrat Joe Biden, the topic continues to be hot and far from over.

After the accusations of electoral fraud, initially launched by the still American president Donald Trump, the Republicans have made themselves heard, but they are not the only ones.

A postal worker in Erie, Pennsylvania immediately reported alleged irregularities in the postal vote. Richard Hopkins, 32, revealed that the center he works in authorized the team to change the date of ballots that were late so they could still count.

Republicans took advantage of Hopkins’ statements to send a letter to the Justice Department asking for an investigation to be investigated into any irregularities.

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives oversight committee, headed by Democrat Carolyn Maloney, revealed that the official would overturn her decision as the story was false. Later, the same Committee added via another Twitter posting that Hopkins denied the allegations, without explaining why he signed a false statement.

In a video posted, the postman said he never withdrew his statements and promised further clarification.


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