Controversial, the fight between Joshua Franco and Andrew Moloney ends without decision


The struggle between Joshua Franco Y Andrew Moloney it ended without decision afterwards Franco could not continue due to severe eye inflammation which the referee ruled as the product of an accidental head butt and, according to the pictures, in an incorrect assessment.

In the first round, both showed their attack strength, albeit not exactly. Moloney managed to quickly inflame the right eye Franco, until closure, with only the surgical combination in the first three minutes.

The referee Russell Mora immediately reported that severe inflammation in the eye of Franco It was caused by an accidental header. The repetitions that the television gave did not take into account a headline, but a shot by Moloney that hit the eye of Franco.

The untimely shots continued throughout the second round, also lacking accuracy. The liaison target was always the rival guard.

The unexpected end of the duel between Franco and Moloney

Before the start of the third part of the case, the referee (supported by the decision of the doctor on duty) stopped the fight due to the condition of the right eye of the Joshua Franco.

Since the referee had ruled that the inflammation was caused by an accidental head butt, the fight would end without a decision. However, the Nevada Commission turned to the replay to study the stocks and took nearly half an hour to review the reruns.

When the images seemed to realize it Andrew Moloney was the apparent winner by technical knockout, the Aussie’s celebrations stopped. And it is that, after going through a long and tedious period of reviewing the on-screen replays, the judges determined that the referee’s appreciation was maintained and the fight ended without a decision.

The possible finger

The possibility that The monster hit the thumb in the eye of The teacher, and this triggered the wound, by the rapidity with which it inflamed the eye of Franco.

However, since the gloves already have thumb and cuff ligatures, such thumb strokes to the eye are no longer considered illegal strokes.

In this way, and apparently unfairly, Andrew Moloney he was deprived of the WBA flyweight world championship regain that he had lost to himself Franco last June 23.

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