Constantinople Nears: the next hard fork of Ethereum is on track for 2018


The open source programmers who support the ethereum project now say that the next system-wide update, Constantinople, is in line with the November release.

Revealed at a two-year meeting held on Friday, participants said that the update has already been coded in all major customers of ethereum, including those of the Ethereum Foundation and Parity, the most popular English version of the software that now transfers more than $ 20 billion into cryptocurrency.

As such, the developers said during the call that the update should be published this year. Yet, a difficult date has yet to be finalized, where an activation time – triggered in a particular block – would be incorporated into the code

As previously reported by CoinDesk, Constantinople includes five changes incompatible with previous versions of the network, ranging from minor code optimization to more controversial changes such as a reduction in mining premiums for each block of transactions.

However, attempts to release the update depend on a uniform version of Constantinople's update on an ethereum testnet called Ropsten, the main platform for testing the new code, a planned development that will occur this Sunday.

Last week, the release of the test was delayed due to an error in one of the five changes in Constantinople. During today's developer meeting, however, several ethereum customers said they were largely ready to go on with the tests.

"The main developers are excited about the upcoming release of Testnet in Constantinople," Hudson Jameson, a communications officer for the Ethereum Foundation said at CoinDesk, following the announcement.

He added:

"We are on track to hope to release Constantinople on the mainnet less than 1 month after Devcon."

Image from the Youtube video of Construct 2017 Conference

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