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ConsesSys, co-founder of Ethereum, launches the Rimble design system to foster the adoption of Ethereum

Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum and founder of ConsenSys, a blockchain software development company, tweeted the release of Rimble Design System [RDS]. RDS, as the founder states, is a package of components and tools that can be adapted to contribute to the development of decentralized apps [dApps] on Ethereum more user-friendly.

The ConsenSys design team developed the Rimble Design System as an open source project that provides dApp designers and developers with adaptable components and design standards to create common UX dApp templates, validated by user research and built for developers.

The launch was tweeted by the founder, Joseph Lubin:

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

The ConsenSys design team agrees that the development of dApp requires users / developers to learn new models, which are an obstacle for both designers and front-end developers.

Amanda Gutterman, Cheif's marketing manager at ConsenSys, recently tweeted that the ConsenSys Grant Program will award $ 500,000 to projects in the Ethereum space that focus on infrastructure, research, interoperability, usability and development tools. He announced it to Devcon 4 by Joseph Lubin.

ConsenSys aims to create a new internet because "the current Internet is broken". In an average post, he described how digital information on the Internet can be stolen without the creators getting the required credits. He plans to eradicate this model of the Internet and create a new one. He has declared:

"It's time to change this model, to reward those who enrich our digital worlds: it's time to use ethical collaboration to promote innovation and growth, with infrastructures created to support just that, it's time to decentralize the Internet , to go to the third version. "

In its effort to help decentralize the world and help companies, ConsenSys oversees the project of a startup called Kaleido. The goal is to help companies implement blockchain technology and is working with Amazon Web Services to do just that.

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