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ConsenSys lists 12 Ethereum apps that can earn you money

Enterprise Ethereum Company ConsenSys has recently listed 12 decentralized applications (DApp) and platforms on the Ethereum network that are usable at the moment and that users can earn.

The list includes DApp for bounty and freelance work, loan and stakeout platforms and forecast markets.

The 12 DApp listed are as follows:

# 1 – Gitcoin

This DAP provides easy monetization or incentive work in open source software allowing contributors to explore and work on existing bounty. Gitcoin has helped 763 unique programmers to reach 305 lenders since November 2017.

# 2 – Size network

Help users create rewards for any business with transactions using ETH and ERC-20 tokens. Up to now it has generated $ 400,000 in total sizes and allowed to ask for basic social actions for freelance opportunities and any other middle ground.

3 – Cent

One other size network, Cent is based on the idea that social networks work on content but do not provide sufficient value to content creators. Creators can share and connect using the platform with users called Centian and use the term "centing" to put a price on something.

# 4 – Ethlance

The platform allows users to find the job they prefer or can do. The fee is paid in digital currencies, while the platform does not charge any fees to users and allows you to create an unlimited amount of jobs. Users publish jobs in IT, writing, web development, app development and other similar categories.

# 5 – MakerDAO CDP

The MakerDAO CDP (Collateralized Debt Position) allows users to borrow DAI using ETH. The ETH remains locked in an intelligent contract until the burrowed DAI is returned. DApp currently holds 1.80% of ETH's total offer in these exclusive smart contracts.

# 6 – ETHLend

Using its native LEND token, users can take advantage of zero-fare loans using smart contracts where digital assets are provided as collateral. It is a subsidiary of Aave. The guaranteed activities are stored in an intelligent unattended deposit agreement. This helps to provide greater security on the network.

7 – Compound Finance

Compound Finance allows users to provide their inactive cryptographic properties to their open source protocol for money markets on the Ethereum network. The algorithmic markets regulate the rates of interest that users can earn according to the demand and supply of available cryptographic assets.

8 – Dharma

Another Ethereum-based loan and lending platform, Dharma includes a wide range of smart contracts that allow users to approve ERC721 tokens as collateral for loans. They provide a relayer boot kit along with several tutorials for users to get started on the platform.

9 – Gnosis

Gnosis Olympia allows users to make predictions and win GNO tokens every time they are successful. The alpha version of the platform is designed to allow users to try their hand at trading. They also have a developer contest called Gnosis X that offers up to $ 100k USD in GNO coins to the winners.

10 – Augur

Augur allows users to focus on ETH and make predictions on a wide range of topics, from the election to the price of a cryptocurrency.

11 – Pdotindex

The weighted price index carries unique celebrity-based derivatives. It derives from speculative positions on the markets of Augur and has indices based on the basketball star LeBron James, the pop singer Ariana Grande and many others.

12 – Veil

Veil is a derivatives platform and a peer-to-peer prediction market built on Ethereum, 0x and Augur. The 0X protocol is used to improve the negotiation process as it minimizes the number of transactions required for market creation and the cancellation process. Veil's new instant settlement function allows users to settle before the market is finalized on Augur.

The complete and detailed version of this list is available on the Media ConsenSys channel.




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