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Competition Dream Numbers of participation in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and in all Arab countries. Participate and win 3 million dollars

Dream competition One of the biggest international competitions, which was ranked by the MBC channels for the 13th season, respectively, was a lot of words during the last period in search engines for Dream competition And the participation numbers in the Arab countries, "Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait" and the rest of the other Arab countries, thanks to the announcement of the MBC channels, which confirmed that the awarding of this season of the competition will exceed the awards of the last seasons.

Where the value of the prize announced by the MBC channels to $ 3 million can be won by sending a message on the subscription numbers we will provide you, Dream competition It depends mainly on the luck of the participants only, in which the lottery is randomly conducted on any day, and the results are announced through the MBC channels.

Dream competition
Dream competition

Dream competition

The Dream 2019 competition is one of the most important and famous competitions in the Arab countries, thanks to many of the extraordinary advantages of the competition, which distinguish it from other competitions in progress, in addition to the high value of money, which is presented to the winner of that competition. During this relationship add the benefits that bring the dream 2019 to remain in first place, along with the participation numbers in the competition in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the rest of the Arab countries.

The competition of dreams

The dream competition has many wonderful features, which have recently succeeded in making it one of the most important competitions that take place in the Arab world as a whole, including the following advantages:

  • The Dream Competition is available to all citizens of all countries.
  • Participation in the competition is by sending a text message.
  • High chance of winning for the participants, in which the period of a season of competition for a whole year.
  • Participants in the previous season can re-enter this season.
  • MBC channels increase the value of the prize for each season of the previous season.
  • The Dream 2019 competition doubles the value of the prize during Ramadan.
  • The value of the premium per person in the course of the year is 100 thousand dollars, while doubling during the month of Ramadan to 500 thousand dollars.
  • The draw times in the competition draw will take place through the Sada stages of the program, which takes place on the MBC channels.
  • Winning the competition guarantees the winner an island change during his lifetime.
  • The victory scene brings many human positions.

Subscription dates

The 2019 dream competition will be open from here until August 30, 2019. The competition will be launched after the subscription period has been completed, so the current period is witnessing a clear and obvious request from everyone to bid and participate in this competition. The odds of winning that race.

Contest registration numbers

Now you can participate in the 2019 dream competition in all Arab countries by sending a text message with the word Dream or Dream on the following numbers:

Arab state Name of the company Subscription number
Saudi Arabia Zain Company 755 505
Saudi Arabia Mobily Company 650 444
Egypt Etisalat Company 95 450
Egypt Vodafone Company 95 450
Egypt Orange Company 95 450
Kuwait Zain Company 96 922
Kuwait Viva Company 50640
United Arab Emirates Etisalat Company 6070
United Arab Emirates Company DU 3636

Sign up for the 2019 Dream Contest

To participate in the 2019 oneiric contest, by sending a text message to the numbers corresponding to your country, which we have explained to you in the previous table,

  • A dream
  • Or dreams
  • O reve

You have already entered the competition as soon as you have sent the text message, and you can increase your chances of winning by sending more than one text message and wish all participants the best of luck and win the prize money.

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