Company to create a currency supported by Swiss Franc


A Swiss company, Alprockz AG, has developed the ROCKZ cryptocurrency, and claims it is the first currency combined with one of the world's most stable fiat currencies: the Swiss franc (CHF). According to the company, he has already collaborated with Geneva Swiss Bank – GSbanque.

The team calls the product "the most reliable and predictable cryptocurrency" and claims to have created the world's most "bulletproof cryptocurrency". The new currency can be used for money transfers, storage of resources and online payment methods such as PayPal.

CHF as a guarantee of value

Alprockz AG has decided to link its digital heritage with the traditional economy. Because of this decision, it offers its new platform based on the Ethereum blockchain and cryptocurrency ROCKZ (RKZ), which will be supported by the Swiss national currency, the franc ($ 0.99) at the rate of 1: 1. The company has also developed a platform for the exchange and deposit of ROCKZ, and this platform supports coin delivery and its fiat equivalent to token holders. The platform is scheduled to be released in November 2018 after completion of internal tests.

To ensure the value of the new token with fiat currency, the company claims that it will reserve 90 percent of its funds in CHF, in a high-security Swiss bank deposit. The other 10 percent will help ensure the liquidity of the new token and will be stored in several banks in Switzerland. The company emphasizes that it is creating "a new form of money". "The users who own RKZ own the underlying asset, not us, not the banks," says Alprockz AG.

Alprockz AG also promises "absolute transparency of financial reserves" and compliance of tokens to a variety of national and international regulations. Yassine Ben Hamida, one of the founders of ROCKZ, told Cointelegraph:

"ROCKZ AG has been recognized as a financial intermediary, we are again affiliated to VQF VQF will be responsible on an annual basis to control our activities, in terms of compliance and anti-money laundering, this is a very important step in our development."

Characteristics of the new stablecoin

The team hopes that the new stablecoin will become an investment tool for storing asset values. He says, ROCKZ can be used for cross-border money transfers as a tool that has low fees and low volatility, or in e-commerce as a payment method such as PayPal and WebMoney. The Alprockz platform will also provide banking services such as deposits or peer-to-peer loans between platform users.

The company plans to issue 175 million APZ utility tokens and to sell 15% of the maximum supply during the initial supply of coins, which will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2018. The value of each token during the public sale will be CHF 0.6 and the hopes of Alprockz AG to reach 12.5 million francs (12.46 million dollars) for the development of the entire platform. The next step, scheduled for 2019, will be the addition of additional euro-supported stablecoin and South Korea's victory on the platform.

About the team

Alprockz AG is registered in Zug, Switzerland. According to the company, the founders have a strong background in the banking sector. The team includes expert financiers, IT developers, international bankers and computer security engineers. Alprockz AG has already agreed to collaborate with Swisscom and Wisekey, two companies already listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange.

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