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Commander and students honored the Ecuadorian police killed in attack

International students held a ceremony in honor of the Ecuadorian student Erika Sofía Chico, victim of the ELN bomb at the Santander General School where she was trained as a cadet, her Ecuadorian commander came to preside over the ceremony.

Cadets from Panama, Ecuador and Colombia, as well as police attachés from various countries and senior Ecuadorian officials, paid tribute to the cadet Erika Sofía Chico Vallejo, who was assassinated last Thursday with the explosion of a & Car bomb in the Official Francisco de Paula Santander School in Bogotá.

General Pablo Aguirre, director of the Ecuadorian Police Education, declared "regret that there are still such incomprehensible minds that can threaten the lives of innocent people, extinguish a dream, extinguish an illusion"

Captured by the Ecuadorian authorities, the parents of Cadete Chico Vallejo, one of the most important students of the police academy, have received the flags of both countries, the kepis, the dagger and the promise that his death will not go unpunished.

"We have the word of our Colombian president to say that this fact must be clarified.The fight against this series of organized crime, drug trafficking, has these consequences, that we should not tolerate that the innocent people who are in the middle, pay the consequences "

General Aguirre, noting that Ecuador mourns the death of the cadet Chico Vallejo, has called for the collaboration of all the police in the world to fight crime at all latitudes and has assured that Ecuadorians are ready for that that Colombia requires.

"We have to do it together with all the police in the world: what we have to do as a country, with the consent of our authorities, we will do it and the cooperation is always ready"

Erika Sofía Chico Vallejo, 21, along with 14 other cadets from her country, had come to General Santander School last year, a scholarship to complete her studies as a police administrator for her high academic achievement. .

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