Comet “Swan” in the sky of the Arab world .. Thursday


The Jeddah Astronomical Society said: “Through comet Swan (C / 2020 F8Yesterday, May 12, 2020, the celestial equator, and now it is in the northern hemisphere sky.

He added: “However, the light curve patterns indicate that it has dimmed slightly from the brightness of reaching the naked eye limits last week, but it is still easy to see through binoculars (6+) binoculars.”

“The comet will appear as a blurry point of light, so before dawn on Thursday May 14, you can start trying to see the comet, knowing it’s still low towards the horizon,” he said.

He explained that the comet Swan will be located between the stars of Aries and the Triangle, and remember that the search attempt takes place with binoculars at the point indicated in the attached photo, and if the sighting is not completed at dawn on Thursday, the attempt will be made in the following days with its height high in the dome of the sky and its distance from the horizon.


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