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Colombia cries for the war

The alo and the disgusting terrorist attack last Thursday at the General Santander School of Police in Bogota have left naked our sad reality, which beyond the criminal act, shows our degree of division and unconsciousness. Also, in some cases, it borders on the lack of scruples by those who intend to fish in the river in scrap, gain political importance or take advantage of such a monstrous event. For example, social networks have been the protagonists in their eccentricities, outrages, disagreements, insults and intolerances of all kinds that embody the high level of virtual confrontation. All this means that Colombia gradually returns to the scenario that knows more and what seems to like him the most: the habitat of war.

For this reason, those of the recalcitrant and the combative leave the point to those on the right, which implies that the government was looking for an attack of this kind to justify the return to indiscriminate war. Some more daring have talked about self-attack; also that the same authorities have deliberately omitted the security protocols and have left the field open to criminals to take advantage of the state of terror; therefore, according to them, they preferred a screensaver.

All this a priori, written or said irresponsibly in the heat of events and before the pain of relatives, which gives a nuance of perversion to such hasty opinions. In this sense, we all have the right to allow ourselves the benefit of the doubt, and thoughts pass through our mind, sometimes without control; but from there to publish them, to propose them as an argument for discussion without filters, without research, without proof, they constitute bizarre and hasty reflections. On the other hand, these conclusions recall the characteristics of prejudices and the enthusiasm of those who are passionate about polemical, irresponsible and silly verbal confrontations.

On the other hand, powerful politicians appeared to be inappropriate with the intention of blowing up a battle cry, and in the same way justifying the massacre of the dove of peace, and the little hope that had remained with the majority of Colombians; that is, a political solution to our hates, fanaticisms and differences of many decades. Both seemed to forget that there were many families in the midst of such an unfortunate misfortune. Those of this angle and one of the other, perhaps did not think of young people full of dreams, and in all the damage that barbarism generates in the core of Colombian society. No one seemed to understand that such an execrable crime should unite us for a few days, or at least for a few hours, around the rejection of all acts of terror and violence, no matter where it came from, on one side or the other. But no, the division has taken a gigantic level as far as insulin is concerned.

Now the dish has served for war, and the birds of prey that feed on fear, hatred and death will still have their fortune. I say, the birds of this part and of the other, because both with their complaints, insults, insults and intolerances want the war. They do not think of their selfishness in children, in the elderly, in mothers, in our dreams. They ignore that we are all brothers, that we come from the same source and that we go to the same source: we come from unity and we are successfully condemned to unity. Addendum: last Thursday, like millions of compatriots, morale fell to the ground. What I do not know for sure is what depresses me most, if the attitude is insensitive, indifferent, unprejudiced and obscene of so many with their comments and imprudence, or if the reality of terrorism in its worst version; and connected to this state, the immense drama of the police families.

Therefore, violence must be reported regardless of its origin and its side. There are no more or less good or convenient terrorist acts, and other detestable ones. There is no holy and demonic violence: both are abominable. But the damned double moral deepens our hatreds, our division. Yes, the social leaders killed by hundreds must do us harm, the abused children and women must harm us, injustice must harm us equally, the crimes of everyday life in this country prone to oblivion must also hurt us. I myself have exposed in my articles the two sides of that damn money called political violence. In any case, last Thursday was a bad time to rub grudges and get all our ancestral wounds out. On the contrary, it was the right time to reflect on where we have led hatred, and to discover that perhaps in the depths of our interior an unnamable monster is growing up that rejoices at the misfortune of others, a monster that swallows the monster. whole horror and gives the go-ahead: hypocrisy, self-deception, double standard, meanness, call it what you want, the right word is worse.

On the other hand, what I write is the most unpopular, what sells less, what is less read. Here he sells morbid hate, death, farandulero, provocation, slander, the obscene and the yellow. The crime itself certainly sells. As a writer, I could turn a blind eye, look from the other side, take other directions, other geographies, emigrate a lot, far away, be indifferent, do not disturb anyone, do not risk me with my opinions and cultivate ideas that guarantee me in the future the prestige of honors and the ridicule of fame. But it turns out I love this country, it happens that something burns inside me and tells me that I should write and publish this, and endure intimidation and low insults; That is, forget the trap of popularity and put aside my pettiness and my selfishness to believe that my impartial words will fall on a good foundation and maybe save a life, maybe two … I do not assume so much. I want to believe, I choose to believe that my beloved country has a last hope, that someone will do something, that we will do something different and creative together, that a miracle is coming, let me dream, do not kill that dream, please.

Between death in the middle of hatred and embraced and burned by war, I chose to die embraced and burned by peace, loving my enemies, feeling me all one with all of humanity. Between both styles of death there is a huge difference between light and darkness. I'm talking about that kind of peace that you first seek within to recreate it later. I speak of the peace taught by the great masters who have passed and remain with the strength of their message in this world: they preached love and not fear, forgiveness and not hate, hope and not despair, detachment and not ambition, humility and non-arrogance, tolerance and non-impatience, moderation and not extremes, meekness and non-violence, serenity and passion not sick, enlightenment and not the irrationality of the darkness that we lives: Jesus of Nazareth, Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Vivekananda, Francisco de Asis, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, among others.

To conclude this spontaneous reflection, those of the recalcitrant left that are often uncomfortable with my messages, I tell you: no one has more reasons than me to hate Uribe, the extreme right, the paramilitaries, and I do not hate them. And do not lie if I tell you that I dreamed and dreamed, offering my hand to them; I earnestly wish to smile with sincerity and even to embrace them: they are my brothers, and for a long time I forgave them, even knowing that I buried two brothers and three other close relatives by omitting one and the responsibility of others. I say to the extreme right, even the guerrilla and the extreme left hurt me: I divided my family and killed a cousin who was more than a brother. Yet I forgave them, after all none of us is perfect, we are all wrong. In this world we have come to learn some lessons, the important thing is to find out what teaching we get after every tragedy or disgrace: so we can evolve, transcend and grow as human beings. I too have been forgiven by God so many times, and by others. I am not a saint, I have more defects than virtues and I commit more mistakes than successes, I am fragile and vulnerable. I do it, I write again, because I do not resign myself to having another 60 years of war, and who knows how many other hell. I put aside my selfishness and my vanity, I give way to the provocations of you and give a respectful permission to insults; but before continuing my journey or dying, one never knows, I leave evidence that I interpret my destiny to believe that once my beloved country invokes peace and not war. So be it

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