CoinTracking helps Bitcoin investors monitor crypto earnings

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As part of the commemoration for its anniversary, CoinTracking he recently revealed that he noticed that the trading behavior of users on the platform becomes more intense when token prices have increased. The analysis carried out by the company indicated that the people who are most successful typically hold from seven to twelve different tokens.

According to the report, since the company was founded in 2013, it has begun to look at the market and realize that many exchanges make it simply difficult for investors to analyze their trades because they do not have the support to do so.

This is very damaging to tax authorities because, if users are not really sure of their earnings and losses in the cryptography market, they will certainly have difficulty when they have to create tax reports on their earnings. It could not be much different as they simply do not have access to information so they can do it.

CoinTracking has functionality for many types of users

The company supports a total of eight different methods for people who want to calculate taxes using the platform and, according to them, these standards can be used to provide information that can be provided to almost every government in the world when taxes need to be paid. . In this way, users save money and time.

CoinTracking is very interested in being a company that can be used for all types of traders. The idea is to provide occasional traders to experts. For this reason, the company has a three-tier subscription plan with a free plan that allows 200 transactions and the Pro plan, where you can monitor up to 3,500.

Finally, there is also the Unlimited plan for really hardcore users that offers the best services on the platform. The service can be purchased with Bitcoin or fiat currency and if you wish you can pay one or two years also for lifetime use.

At the moment, CoinTracking supports over 6,000 crypts and provides analysis and trends for all these tokens and nine years of historical data for people who want to make truly well-informed decisions. This includes graphs and all types of data.

Even people who use other exchanges and portfolios can simply import data into the company and be able to use them and analyze their data.

Information on CoinTracking

This company was founded in 2012 by Dario Kachel. He was an IT professional who liked encryption and found it difficult to keep track of all his operations, so the company started. Since then, the company has been growing with the cryptocurrency market.

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