Cointopia collects $ 3 million for the blockchain companies and services market


Cointopia has announced it has raised $ 3 million and is opening up its market by linking blockchain companies with senior service providers. This means that if you are starting a blockchain startup or if you are a big company looking for blockchain services, the Cointopia Marketplace is there for you.

The San Francisco company has announced that it will list a number of reliable blockchain services, including advisory, white paper creation, PR / marketing, blockchain technology development, and community management. Of course, this means that you should get used to the idea that there will be many more startup blockchain, relying on the conventional wisdom that blockchain and cryptocurrency are going to upgrade traditional financial services, markets and many other industries.

"The blockchain cryptographic space is chaotic and globally unregulated," said Charles Michael Yim, Cointopia CEO, in an interview with VentureBeat. "You have assaulted [initial coin offerings] ICO, and now we are moving to the security tokens.There is no gold standard for this magic to occur.We came in to put people together. 39, offer, someone takes it, make a review and continue on the blockchain.We want to be the end-to-end market that is a gold standard. "

In creating its market, Cointopia will make use of the blockchain, which offers a decentralized ledger that is both secure and transparent. Classifications for service providers within the Cointopia Marketplace community will also be archived on the blockchain, ensuring that revisions are immutable and accurate, which will support a more transparent ecosystem. In turn, blockchain companies will be able to navigate the market with confidence knowing that service providers have been assessed by real customers within the platform, Yim said.

Among the service companies available now there are Hybrid Block, Sparkchain and Token Agency. Cointopia will add more suppliers over time.

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"In today's congestion of blockchain, the founders are faced with an influx of companies providing professional services, many of which are not properly controlled" , said Aaron Bensoua, director of Sparkchain, in a statement. "Being a leading blockchain company, we are thrilled to have Cointopia list our company as an official supplier on their market and serve projects that are bringing the market forward."

Marketplace users can manage their projects and receive offers online from the pool of professional Cointopia suppliers specializing in blockchain services through the platform

Cointopia Marketplace users can upload lists of requests for offers ( RFP), sharing information on the project and starting dates for

"As an investor in new companies in the blockchain space, the Cointopia market helps eliminate the weeding process with a careful selection of different service providers and simplifies the process of construction of their projects, "said Jeremy Gardner, founder of Ausum Ventures, in a statement. "It is reassuring as an investor in the early stage projects to know that Cointopia service providers have a proven track record in the industry."

Cointopia investors include Gardner; Michael Arrington, founder of TechCrunch and partner of XRP Capital; Mark Pincus, founder and CEO of Zynga; Gil Penchina, angel investor on eBay and Paypal; Roger Lim, founding partner of NeoGlobal Capital; Richard Titus, managing partner of Ark Advisors; Michael Terpin, founder and CEO of Transform Group; Sonny Singh, chief commercial officer at BitPay; and Mike Costache, founder of Blockchain Investors Consortium.

In addition to creating a market, Cointopia offers a launch platform for the initial offer of coins, in collaboration with a broker broker. This gives the company access to 165,000 accredited investors, said Yim. The company is also organizing its exchange in which blockchain investors can trade.

Yim, who previously founded Breathometer and appeared on Shark Tank, said he had seen problems with development teams that charged very different amounts for blockchain technology development services. [19659002] "There are many projects looking for help," Yim said. "There are scammy people out there, I created Cointopia for projects that are real."

Cointopia has 10 employees and the company plans to open offices in South Korea and Singapore. Yim said that most of the activity is taking place in Asia and wants to expand there.

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