Coinsquare ETF lists of Blockchain on the Toronto Stock Exchange


<img width = "760" height = "400" src = "×400.jpg" class = "attachment-large-thumb size-large-thumb wp-post-image" alt = "Coin Capital Investment Management Inc. (Coincapital), the portfolio management division of the Coinsquare digital asset trading platform, has listed a blockchain exchange traded fund (ETF), the STOXX Blockchain Patents Innovation Index (LDGR), among the two new ETFs, the company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange Coincapital, which is registered with the Ontario Securities Commission, is became the new ETF provider in Canada following the introduction of the LDGR and the STOXX BRAI.N. Index Fund (THNK), the company's first ETFs.

The ETFs of LDGR and THNK have been programmed to start trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange this morning.

ETF Taps Artificial Intelligence

LDGR, the first Coincapital ETF, invests in global equity securities of companies investing in blockchain technologies. Coincapital uses a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to identify companies for the fund.

Selection is based primarily on the blockchain of intellectual property patents, which allows the fund to identify blockchain adopters and innovators. The selections also use the iSTOXX Yewno Developed Markets Blockchain index.

THNK, the second ETF, invests in equity securities of companies focused on AI, nanotechnology, robotics and biotechnology. The main consideration is that the company must generate half of its revenues from the aggregate of the B.R.A.I.N. sectors. The fund also makes use of the BRAIN index of the developed markets iSTOXX.

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Expert Canadian technician

"Canadians know technologies like artificial intelligence and the blockchain will change the way in which we live and work, but it can be difficult to access high quality investments in these sectors without deep domain expertise, "said Coincapital CEO Lewis Bateman in a prepared statement. "We are doing investor work, using our in-depth knowledge of the industry to provide Canadians with an innovative suite of investment options that help them invest in new technologies even if they are not experienced."

The LDGR is not the first blockchain ETF to be listed in Canada.

The ETF Horizons Management Canada Inc introduced the ETF Horizons Blockchain Technology and Hardware at the start of this year. The ETF supports companies such as Hive Blockchain Technologies Ltd, Nvidia Corp., Digital Realty Trust Inc. which develops blockchain hardware and services

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