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CoinPayments – Unifying Payments, Globally

CoinPayments launches the very first altcoin payment processor in the world. Seeing Bitcoin, Litecoin and Peercoin as the very first cryptocurrencies supported by the platform, this company would soon become the world's largest online portal to provide customers with an efficient, secure and reliable service for over 1.2 million users in 183 countries.
CoinPayments managed to overcome the fierce competition by providing the lowest pricing structure and the fastest response to market support: "Real people provide real support in less than 2 days, unlike the 2-month industry standard "says GM of CoinPayments Dennis Pederson.

An easy-to-navigate portal, this website is translated into 16 languages, accessible 24 hours a day, to provide assistance to customers anywhere in the world.

More recently CoinPayments has created an integration for Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce platform for online stores across multiple sales channels. The mission for this integration aims to provide an alternative payment option for Shopify merchants, with the vision of expanding the adoption of cryptocurrencies as an alternative payment method, allowing merchants around the world to accept Bitcoin and hundreds of altcoins via the CoinPayments API.

To keep pace with rapid advances in technology and the ever-increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies, CoinPayments is undergoing a complete system update to provide customers with a more complete and efficient payment processing service.

CoinPayments developers are currently working on rewriting the core code to launch CoinPayments 3.0 in the fall of 2018. This project employs 8 full-time developers and two interns from the famous British Columbia Institute of Technology in Vancouver, BCIT. – "It is important to give today's bright young people the opportunity to grow in this disruptive field alongside industry leaders, we have a lot to learn in terms of where technology is directed, enabling young people today to share their precious input, as they will be tomorrow's trader and customer, "says Sina Mirzaie, director of business development.

CoinPayments has been a leader in digital innovation by offering unique services for its platform. Standard users can take advantage of CoinPayments' FREE intuitive digital wallet that allows transactions and archiving of over 480 cryptocurrencies.

Merchants can use the many pre-compiled plug-ins and APIs to integrate CoinPayments into their store. CoinPayments offers many features and options, some of which include automatic pick-up for refrigerated wallets, vaulting services set on timers and fiat agreements (only available in the US and Europe through third-party affiliates).

In addition, the company will provide arbitrage guarantee deposit services, portfolio generators, invoice builders and many other new features upon release of their new platform; CoinPayments 3.0.

Website: https://www.coinpayments.net/.

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