CoinPayments now provides support for the processing of Komodo payments [KMD]


A fabulous news for the customer and supporters of CoinPayment. Komodo [KMD] is a platform that aims to design the cryptocurrency ecosystem. CoinPayment is proud to add Komodo [KMD] a payment processing unit to make the transaction process easier and more transparent.

With KMD the transaction can be done easily through any existing plugins and integration available on the system that allows companies to start open-source cryptocurrency. This will make responsible, transparent, private and fungible transactions comparatively.

Moreover, the KMD settlements are rendered ultra-secure through Bitcoin through a "Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW)" mechanism.

Komodo experts devised an advanced decentralized trading supported by the incredible idea of ​​having atomic exchanges and this is the only reason that makes it unique compared to other traditional cryptocurrencies.

If we look at other decentralized cryptocurrencies, they use the concept of proxy coins or beating assets to encourage trade but KMD has the potential to overcome those matters through atomic exchanges.

In toto Komodo provides about 200 million tokens, of which 100 million have been allocated in ICO or have been pre-mined. Of the 100 million, 10 million have been archived for upcoming developments and for the Komodo advertising platform and 90 million have been distributed among developers or investors.

While the left 100 million tokens are still extracted from the job tests – method. The sources have confirmed that within 14 years it is estimated that almost 200 million stoppers reach the whole world. Including the owner of Komodo who turns to "R" will reach 5% of the annual percentage rate (APR) as treatment or bonus on companies up to 200 million offer.

This Komody Security Services (dPoW) has the potential to power the independent blockchain and to further localize its background in the Bitcoin network.

The interesting part is that every confirmation of the Bitcoin network is the guarantee of the entire ecosystem of Komodo that intends to protect customers from all sources of attacks vis incredible support of the Bitcoin network.

From a cryptocurrency investor standpoint, it can be said that Komodo has given its investors high targets since ICOO and I hope this return will increase over time through innovative developments and marketing strategies.

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